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Interdisciplinary artist and educator avery r. young is a 3Arts Awardee and an executive at The Floating Museum. His poetry and prose are featured in several anthologies including The Golden Shovel Anthology and The BreakBeat Poets. Most recently, his poetry is featured in photographer Cecil McDonald Jr’s In The Company of Black (Candor Arts). He is the featured vocalist on flouist Nicole Mitchell’s Mandorla Awakening, and is currently touring with her Black Earth Ensemble and his funk/soul band de deacon board. Young’s first collection of visual and traditional poetry, neckbone (Northwestern University Press) will be released Spring 2019.
wall of stones
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Poem: ms. margaret on her landline phone with ruth, talking about her new neighbors across the street

A poem engaging equity for the author’s godmother and other women who begin their sentences with the word “chile.”