Two Years After Hurricane Sandy, Much More Work Remains

Photo credit: JoLu Productions, Inc.

Today marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. To commemorate, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey joined Sandy survivors, community leaders, and elected officials at several events along the Jersey Shore.

 In a statement, HCDNNJ President and CEO Staci Berger said, “Coming back from a disaster of the magnitude of Sandy is a multi-year effort but there must be a continued, unyielding commitment to assist families and communities that were in the storm’s path as well as those who have suffered from its aftermath.”

Rooflines contributors, leaders, and practitioners in the field of housing, community, and economic development have shared stories of strength, struggle, and outrage in Sandy’s aftermath. Instead of words, today we share Katrina/Sandy, an interactive video produced by Land of Opportunity and Sandy Storyline that compares and contrasts both the impact and response to Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, through storytelling.

Keli A. Tianga is the former senior editor of Shelterforce.


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