Don’t Just Investigate, Apply the ACORN Rule

When ACORN, a community organizing anti-poverty group, was stripped of federal funds after (false) accusations of voter fraud were pushed on Congress by the Republican party, the “rule of ACORN” was born, championed by Bill O'Reilly and other hard-right ideologues. With ACORN gone, community groups have had to pick up where they left off—filling the big shoes of an ogrnaization that secured the right to vote for so many. 

What if that same rule—cutting federal funds to any group that violates law or the constitution—was applied to the federal investigation of Republican campaign operative Nathan Sproul? Sproul’s companies have been actually charged with voter registration abuse that may involve registering dead people, altering registrations, and refusing to register non-Republican voters.

John Atlas, National Housing Institute board member and author of Seeds of Change, which documents the work of ACORN up through its unfortunate end, says Congress should apply the same rules they did to ACORN and defund the GOP. But is John right? I mean, isn't this the ultimate irony?


Brittany Stanley is assistant publisher of Shelterforce and development associate at National Housing Institute.


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