Participatory Budgeting: The International and NCBG Approaches

International Approach…
  • Uses “geographical and complementary political boundaries to facilitate decision-making and service delivery”
  • Uses public meetings to initiate and carry out the budget process
  • Relies upon annual budgeting cycles to provide a framework for planning, implementation and local involvement
  • Relies on a network of “support agencies”
  • Informs local efforts with a “budget matrix” for an entire city that puts local needs and demands into perspective
NCBG Approach…
  • Uses the neighborhood or electoral district as a unit of budget analysis, organizing and planning
  • Meets with grassroots organizations to discuss neighborhood priorities
  • Mobilizes community participation in annual budget hearings and advocates for government reforms to make the process more accessible
  • NCBG is the support agency for community organizations
  • Convenes citywide leadership teams to coordinate and discern the policy barriers, government spending patterns and needed changes in the decision-making process

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