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Jeanne Fekade-Selassie

New Money on the Block: Funders for Housing and Opportunity

A new funding collaborative, Funders for Housing and Opportunity, has just launched. The collaborative, officially a project of the New Ventures Fund, involves (so far) nine large and well-known foundations.

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Community Development Field

A View from the Other Side of the Funding Proposal

During my time on a CDC’s board, my expectations and assumptions have been challenged. This change in perspective and experience has offered me some interesting observations and lessons.

The cover of Investing in Community Land Trusts: A Conversation with Funders of CLTs
Community Control

Investing In Community Land Trusts

Why have funders embraced CLTs? To answer that question, NHI interviewed 15 funders from 13 foundations whose scope ranges from local, to state, to regional and national.


All Hail the Mighty E-mail

Relationships with your constituents are built on respect, trust and communication – qualities realized when you demonstrate that your organization is worthy of supporters’ time, energy and money. As nonprofits […]


Raising Hell and Raising Money, Too

An ally of my agency, the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV), told me about a conversation he once had with the head of the local United Way, […]


Fundraising Practices in Community Organizing

How do we grow or even stabilize when we’ve topped out our dues income and have to do more and more to keep the level of foundation support we have?


Foundation Trends in Social Justice Grantmaking

Social justice grantmaking encompasses a broad range of fields. In 2002, economic and community development captured the largest share of social justice grant dollars (19 percent), followed by health care […]


Managing Grant Money

Jeff Anderson, of Oregon Community Foundation, says, “Don’t apply for a foundation grant unless you’re truly ready for the scrutiny of outsiders, regarding everything from your office’s appearance to the […]


Evaluation for Fundraising

Program evaluation is a key component of operating and sustaining effective nonprofit organizations. Evaluation provides systematic information about the results of your programs and their contributions to individual and community […]


Dealing With Anxiety

During the 24 years I have been in fundraising, I have observed that the greatest factor causing people to leave fundraising, or to “burn out,” is not the work itself, […]


Exploring Alternative Sources of Fundraising

A low-income housing organization borrows $2 million at 1 percent interest and is able to buy a large number of homes that it then rents or sells to low-income families […]


Creative Fundraising

When Habitat for Humanity volunteers Lynne Blaesser and Mary Scott were approached by a Habitat executive about the prospect of leading Newark Women Build in the fundraising and construction of […]


Letter-Writing Tips When Dealing With Funders

Imagine you are a program officer of a medium-sized family foundation. It’s late in the day, and it will be another hour before you go home. You have a lot […]