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Vienna social housing

Learning from Vienna and Vienna’s Social Housing Model

Quite differently from the United States, social and civic infrastructure elements are integrated into the Vienna social housing development program.

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Update: Going Upstream on Underwater Mortgages

In our Winter 2011 issue on capital markets and neighborhood stabilization we reported on some programs to buy mortgages and modify them and/or to facilitate short sales. These programs were […]

Community Development Field

Capital Markets & Neighborhood Stabilization: Introducing the New Issue

Mark Calabria, the director of financial services regulation at the libertarian think tank Cato Institute, said recently that while “there are disagreements over the diagnosis of the [housing] problem, there […]


Capital Markets and Neighborhood Stabilization

It’s not often that a nonprofit housing developer sits down with a hedge fund manager, or someone from an investment bank who is outside of the philanthropic or CRA departments.


Occupied Owner

For decades, the United States government, pushed by its business partners in the financial and real estate world, “marched the nation into a delusion.” The fantasy is that we can create wealth for millions of homeowners by enriching investors, brokerage and mortgage companies and Wall Street bankers “to the fullest extent possible with few boundaries.”