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Fred L. McGhee is an historical archaeologist and urban and environmental anthropologist. He is founder and president of Fred L. McGhee & Associates, the first Black owned and operated archaeological and environmental consulting company in the United States. He is the author of numerous publications on diverse subjects such as slave ship archaeology, Afro-Texas history, modernist architecture, residential energy efficiency, language acquisition, Black American Sign Language, and German colonialism. Some of his writings are available at his page, as well as in the pages of the Austin Chronicle and the Texas Observer.
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The Most Important Housing Law Passed in 1968 Wasn’t the Fair Housing Act

At the Aug. 1, 1968 signing ceremony, President Johnson proclaimed “Today, we are going to put on the books of American law what I genuinely believe is the most farsighted, the most comprehensive, the most massive housing program in all American history.” He was right.