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Dan Reed is a freelance writer and urban planner based in Montgomery County, Maryland. Dan has written for the New York Times, the Atlantic, Architect Magazine, Greater Greater Washington, and Washingtonian Magazine.
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A Home’s True Worth—Getting Beyond Appraisal Bias

Homes owned by people of color are appraised for less than identical homes owned by white families. Nationwide, that’s led to more than $150 billion in lost equity. How can we stop appraisal bias?

A realtor opening a house for viewing.
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Realtors Reckon with Race

A new generation of real estate agents are aiming for meaningful change in an industry most famous for championing and enforcing segregation.

A 200 unit building was built on transit land in California. In front of the building is the San Leandro Bart Station.

Affordable Housing on Transit Land

Transit providers are often major landowners in their communities. These sites are also opportunities to provide desperately needed affordable housing.