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How do community land trusts (CLTs) work? Can they be created in small as well as large communities? Do they require building or rehabbing on a single site or scattered sites? Can various forms of tenancy, such as co-op or rental, be part of a CLT? This excellent video, produced by the Women’s Educational Media group for the Institute for Community Economics – a leading proponent of CLTs – answers these and many other questions.

The video is ideal for nonprofits interested in an overview of the various forms of CLTs, as well as for community planners and housing lenders hoping to provide affordable housing today and assure that such housing remains affordable years from now.

By showing the CLT story in three completely different types of communities – Burlington, VT, Albuquerque, NM, and Durham, NC, the 36-minute video provides a sense of the scope of CLTs and possibilities they offer for community stabilization.

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