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Not Your Average Community Garden

A good community garden is a space that nurtures hope, natural abundance, and growth, and eventually moves beyond food and into the realm of relationship-building that can help sustain healthy communities.

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Control of Farmland, City Style

I have thought a lot lately about the issue of land ownership for farmers, and the barriers they face to buying land so they can plan for growing their business and serving more food consumers. This issue really matters on the edges of metropolitan areas, where farmers can find lucrative markets for their products and […]


Where Do We Fit In? CDCs and the Emerging Shrinking City Movement

As some cities begin to admit they are shrinking, CDCs in high-abandonment neighborhoods are rethinking their traditional roles, and even their missions.

Neighborhood Change

Greening Vacant Land

Urban agriculture projects bring hope — and food — to communities that have long suffered from a glut of empty lots.


Urban Ag: We’re Planning On It

In the upcoming issue of Shelterforce, we look at how urban agriculture brings not only food to communities, but also provides an opportunity to fill in vacant lots through programs […]