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Considering Geographic Equity

When we talk about equity, we’re typically talking about individuals or neighborhoods. But what about the imbalance in power and access to resources between entire metropolitan areas?

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A Tale of Two Infrastructure Projects

Living in Central New Jersey, I’ve had a ringside seat for the last few years to one of the largest infrastructure projects currently going on in the United States, the […]


3 Good (and 3 Not-So-Good) Uses for HUD’s New Data on Location Affordability

HUD and the Department of Transportation recently released the Location Affordability Portal, a new website designed to share information on the combined costs of housing and transportation. The site includes […]


Rural Transit: A Matter of Life or Death, and in Danger

In the city, many working people and senior citizens rely on public transit to get to the office, doctor appointments, or shopping. No one questions the value of this service […]


Transit Initiatives Boosted by Employers

It’s been clear for several years that more people than ever support public transit. In vote after vote, people consistently say yes to taxes for transit creation. In 2012, 79 […]


3 Initiatives to Drive the New Secretary of Transportation

President Obama on April 29 nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx for Secretary of Transportation. Transit advocates are hoping that Foxx's experience as the successful mayor of a mid-size city will […]


What Does the Push for Transit Oriented Development Mean For Rural Areas?

The affordable housing world is paying attention to the connection between housing costs and transportation costs, and that’s a good thing. The federal government and many state and local governments […]


Hawaii’s Train to the Future

The path to a walkable, livable urban future is filled with hurdles.  Take, for instance, the public transit battle being waged in Hawaii. Tourists to Hawaii are often transported deftly […]


A Community-Driven HIA

The Healthy Corridor for All HIA examined the effects of zoning decisions around a planned light rail line in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area (see “Making Light Rail Stop for Us,” […]


Does a Sustainable Community Need a Good Drinking Establishment?

My friend Eliot Allen first introduced me to the concept of neighborhood completeness: that the quality of a place is defined in part by how many different functions it has […]


The Choo-Choo and the Bus

My son, who is approaching 2 years of age, is obsessed with trains. And it's no wonder: every day as many as 10 freight trains whistle and chug their way […]


On Foot and Wheels, in Town and in the Country

Surprise! People in small towns like to walk and ride bicycles nearly as much as people in cities do. That’s the word from a report just released by the Rails to […]


R Street Apartments: Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Goes Green

Once marked by underinvestment and criminal activity, few neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. have undergone as significant a redevelopment over the last decade as the historic Logan Circle neighborhood.