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The Threat (and Promise) of a Good Example

It’s embarrassing to admit, but those who vehemently oppose shared equity homeownership may have a deeper understanding of the sector’s...

Homeownership Today and Tomorrow: Building Assets While Preserving Affordability

Can low-income families build enough equity in them to transform their circumstances? New research says yes.

Building in Affordability

A range of existing policy tools can help preserve and expand affordable housing near planned transit stations -- but to have the most effect, they need to be put in place up front.

Best of Both Worlds

Permanent affordability and asset building might seem at first blush to be contradictory goals for a low-income homeownership program, but new research says in fact they can be achieved together.

Valuation and Taxation of Resale-Restricted, Owner-Occupied Housing

Shared-equity homeownership offers an option for bringing homeownership within reach for lower-income households.

The Promise and Challenges of Co-ops in a Hot Real Estate...

The Clinton neighborhood, also known as Hell’s Kitchen, sits in the western middle of Manhattan. From the urban disinvestment of the 1960s through the...

Watchful Stewards: Mutual Housing Associations and Community Land Trusts

The large, foreclosed HUD-subsidized building on Stamford's West Side had once housed over 60 families, but in 1993 stood vacant, a hulking eyesore with...