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Housing as Infrastucture: A Rural Road Trip Proposal for Ben Carson

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson said that housing is “part of the infrastructure of this country” during a March 20 interview...

Art Matters–In Rural Classrooms and Beyond

Its surprising that we must continually fight to make sure that the arts have a role in public schools, and prove that our low-income communities are worthy of arts and culture-related investments.

How Does Mobile Banking Affect the Unbanked?

The absence of bank branches and the proliferation of high-priced alternative lenders in the region only underscore the importance of access to affordable financial services.

Why Should “Community Development” Only Be Urban?

“I'm tired of feeling rural America is so alone,” said Lisa Mensah, USDA Under Secretary for Rural Development to...

A Voyeur’s View

The author's treatment of race is, at best, contradictory and, at worst, hypocritical and probably the book’s great failing.

Q: Are manufactured homes a bad form of affordable housing?

A: Not any more! There are many myths out there about manufactured (or "mobile") homes, but in fact they can be a very important source of quality affordable housing...

From Farm to Subdivision to Farm… or Forest

"Soil" is an important word in rural places, for many people's livelihoods have historically depended on it. From good soil comes vegetables, fruit, and...

Take Me Home On (Sort Of) Country Roads

The other day at a meeting I heard some residents complaining that Virginia's transportation department won’t pave their road. I had to feel for...