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Q: Did Extending More Credit to Subprime Borrowers Cause the Foreclosure Crisis?

There are people who believe that the foreclosure crisis occurred because too many unqualified borrowers became homeowners. What actually happened was ...

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The book cover for "Preventing the Next Mortgage Crises" by Dan Immergluck.

How to Prevent the Next Mortgage Crisis

Yes, we need to finally achieve certainty in our housing finance system. But not the way most people are suggesting.

Going Upstream, Bulk Note Purchase Programs Look to Keep Families in Their Homes

The latest issue of Shelterforce examines a handful of short sale and bulk note purchase programs—Second Opportunity of Arizona, the Mortgage Resolution Fund, Oregon’s Loan Refinancing Assistance Pilot Project—that are all […]

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Communities Investing in Their Values

In November, Illinois People’s Action, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and 15 other community organizations from across the country filed an official protest against the Treasury Department’s top CRA assessment […]

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Foreclosure Fuzziness Media Watch

Pity the poor media consumer. It’s nigh-on impossible to understand the burgeoning mortgage crisis rippling through communities around the country if you’re relying on the mainstream press to give you […]