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How Engagement and Design Won Over Wary Neighbors

Despite initial opposition, a low-income housing community was built in an upscale subdivision in California.

Rents Will Only Go So Low, No Matter How Much We...

Why doesn't market rate housing seem to bring rents down to where the lowest income people can afford them?

Shelter Shorts, The Week in Community Development—July 13

A "Good" Payday Lender | Urban Sprawl Is Bad for Your Health | More Nutritious Food for Low-Income Families | This Bank is *Opening* Branches

Disappearing Act

Facing financial difficulties as new technology takes customers away, the United States Postal Service reviewed 3,300 branches to find those that could be deemed disposable. In low-income communities, just how disposable are the final 162?

Comprehensive Community Initiatives

The report examines how community groups work together toward the common purpose of changing the way their local systems (housing, schools, welfare) work and the way community groups work within those systems.

Appendix B: Affordable Housing: An Endangered Species

Note: This appendix is part of a series "Saving Affordable Housing," which begins with an introduction here. The United States spends less on direct housing...