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View from the street of a bank built in 1917. From the photographer: The building features a red brick exterior with terra cotta trim, decorative panels with Sullivanesque detailing, Sullivanesque trim, a decorative mosaic in the tympanum below the arch above the front entrance with the word “Thrift” in gold lettering in the middle of an expanse of blue tile and decorative white, cream, green, purple, red, and orange tile accents, decorative metal lettering on the facade above the arch displaying the words “The People’s Federal Savings & Loan Assn." ... Gargoyles above the pilasters framing the front entrance, fixed glass windows at the corners, brass double doors.

How the New CRA Rule Will Help, and Where It Falls Short

The assessments that evaluate a bank’s lending practices have improved, but there are several missed opportunities for reform. For one, the new rules won't incorporate a racial analysis into lending examinations.

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Community Development Field

Is “Creating Community” Still the End Goal of Community Development?

This is the final part of my series on community organizing and community development. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2. Beyond Traditional Outcomes I just argued that more […]

Community Development Field

Can Organizing Resuscitate Community Development?

There has been a lot written about the uncertain future of community development and the way forward for community development to survive—about capital flows, about the need for scale, for […]

Community Development Field

Can a Community Fair Save a Dying Town?

Last weekend there were two ribbon cuttings here in Louisa County. One was for an expansion of the food pantry and the other was to celebrate the relocation of a 1770s-era […]

Community Development Field

CDFIs: The Boom Sector in the Community Development Field?

Three weeks ago I went to Philadelphia to attend the annual conference of the Opportunity Finance Network, the trade association for CDFIs, or community development financial institutions. I go to […]

Community Development Field

Will Our Universities Rekindle Their Public Purpose?

America’s colleges and universities are at a crossroads. For all too many students, a college education has become a major economic gamble. Over the past three decades, inflation-adjusted tuition has […]

Community Development Field

Community Development: Let Your Mission Do the Talking

In Part 1 of this post, I discuss the issues around the term “gentrification.” Here are two other terms that have become problematic in community development. Like “gentrification,” “displacement” and […]

Community Development Field

5 Guiding Principles to Build Capacity and Attract Capital

In the community development and investment fields, we have traditionally looked first to local organizations to address local needs.  Want to develop more affordable housing?  First call is often to […]

Community Development Field

What’s in a Name?

The government leaders in Paterson, N.J., are learning the hard way about the importance of community involvement in the naming and branding of neighborhoods. An editorial on NorthJersey.com this morning […]

Community Development Field

Is Community Development an Industry–or a Movement?

Anyone like me who’s spent more than a few years doing community development is likely to have been force-fed this sticky question more than once, despite its dubious nutritional value. […]

Community Development Field

Assessing Impact at Anchor Institutions

This week, The Democracy Collaborative is releasing a new paper that seeks to create a framework for measuring the effectiveness of university and hospital efforts to partner with and improve […]

Community Development Field

Let’s Turn this Old Barn into a Theater…Part III

Taking on a “fixer upper” means taking on the unexpected.  If you are a cultural organization seeking a home, there are real benefits to obtaining a space that needs a […]

bushel baskets of fresh peppers, potatoes, squash, eggplant
Community Development Field

Marketing the Farmers’ Market

After making only our second visit to the farmers' market in our county this summer, my wife and I got into a spirited discussion about why anyone should bother to […]