Electronic Funds Transfer:

For the millions of low-income “unbanked” people, EFT may unlock the doors to financial services. But it may also mean windfall profits for banks and a new form of financial redlining. Beginning in earnest on January 1, 1999, federal benefit payments will be in the form of electronic transaction, and only after that as cash if, […]

Community Tool Box for Welfare Reform:

In a struggling, isolated Portland neighborhood, a group of neighborhood women have organized a Neighborhood Pride Team (NPT) over the past few years. They started their community building work by interviewing neighbors about their skills and abilities. What they discovered was a gold mine: they uncovered a llama bridle maker, a motorcycle circus aerialist, and […]

Housing Advocate, Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark

Mention the word “housing” in the Minnesota state legislature, and you’re likely to be referred to the office of Representative Karen Clark. Clark, a lifelong activist for progressive causes and a 16-year veteran of the Minnesota House of Representatives, is widely credited for bringing affordable housing into the state’s policy arena – and keeping it […]

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Selected Initiatives

Neighborhood Partners Initiative The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Neighborhood Partners Initiative supports community building and neighborhood stabilization projects in one- to five-block neighborhoods in New York City’s South Bronx and Central Harlem. The initiative provides funding and technical assistance to a community-based lead organization in each target area. This helps groups plan, coordinate, and implement […]

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Resources and Contacts

Publications There seems to be an unavoidable tension between community groups and foundations in CCIs, according to a study of six case CCIs, included in a recently completed discussion paper, Foundations and Comprehensive Community Initiatives: The Challenges of Partnership, by Prudence Brown, a Research Fellow at the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall Center for Children, […]

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Getting the Most from Independent Evaluations

Most of the CCIs now underway in cities and regions around the country have been launched as foundation-sponsored demonstrations; as such they usually include an evaluation component. Here, from an evaluator’s perspective, are some suggestions for funders and CBOs that will help make the most of the evaluation process. For funders: Consider the following questions […]

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Executive Director Profiles

Emanuel Freeman Emanuel Freeman’s organizing career began in the mid-1960s, soon after he graduated from high school in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. In working to make local institutions accountable to the neighborhood, Freeman’s primary target was Germantown Settlement, a community organization that he and other community members felt was unresponsive to the neighborhood’s growing African-American community. […]

Never Give Up on a Good Idea

In the 1960s, a small group of well-meaning government officials had a great notion: empower the poor to guide their own economic recovery by giving them financial resources and the authority to use those resources as they saw fit. It was a simple concept that soon became hopelessly enmeshed in politics and power plays. The […]

Oakland Campaign Puts Kids First

Low-income youth and youth of color are often first to feel the effects of shrinking local human service budgets. In Oakland, California – across the Bay from San Francisco – dilapidated recreation centers, overloaded school social workers, and overwhelmed job placement programs are the product of years of de-funding at all levels of government. Policymakers’ […]

Hiring a Development Director

As small organizations grow, they grapple with the need to raise more and more money. Inevitably, they must consider hiring someone to take charge of fundraising. This is a difficult decision. A group is gambling that the investment of salary – money they often barely have – will generate much more money than they currently […]

Guides for Tenants, Landlords, and Neighbors

Every Landlord’s Legal Guide by Marcia Stewart, Janet Portman, and Ralph Warner. $29.95 Every Tenant’s Legal Guide by Janet Portman and Marcia Stewart. $24.95 Neighbor Law by Cora Jordan. $16.95 Tenants’ Rights by Myron Muskovitz and Ralph Warner. $18.95 All books published by Nolo Press, CA; 800-992-6656; www.nolo.com. NOLO’s new release, Every Tenant’s Legal Guide, […]

Financial Modernization – The Newest Threat To Neighborhood Vitality

Does banking legislation have the potential to either devastate or revitalize working class and minority neighborhoods? Well, consider the following scenario. A hard-working single mother rises early and commutes from her city neighborhood to the downtown office building where she works as a janitor. On her way to the bus stop, she notices her local […]

NHI Activities

Woody Widrow, NHI board member and former Shelterforce editor, was the recipient of one of the New Jersey Tenants Organization (NJTO) Ronald Atlas Tenant Leadership Awards last June. These awards honor the memory of Ronald Atlas, co-founder of NJTO and legal architect of tenant advocacy in New Jersey. US Representative William Pascrell of New Jersey […]