An Interview with Helen Dunlap

In September, Helen Dunlap was appointed president of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. She most recently served as HUD’s deputy assistant secretary for operations and before that as deputy assistant secretary for multifamily housing programs. Prior to her HUD service, she was also founding CEO of the California Housing Partnership Corporation, the mission of […]

Federal Housing Policy: The Road Ahead

Housing policy in the 105th Congress will continue to undergo a “quiet revolution.” The policies can be characterized as “revolutionary” because they involve breathtaking cuts in housing assistance at a time of growing need and pronounced movement to devolve and deregulate the public and assisted housing programs. The changes have been “quiet” only insofar as […]

105th Congress: Who’s Who

The key Congressional players in federal housing policy will not change substantially in the 105th Congress. The Democratic and Republican leadership of the House and Senate will not change significantly, and the bi-partisan leadership’s disinterest in housing policy is also unlikely to change. The Republican majority in the House is somewhat narrower than in the […]

Caveat Emptor: Joint Ventures With For-Profit Real Estate Developers

“Here’s the deal,” the consultant says. “We will take care of everything – all the paperwork, the financing, the construction, and even the property management – all you have to do is sign a few papers, and you will own 75 units of affordable housing. You don’t need to do a thing.” She hands over […]

Neighborhood Assistance Programs

In the late 1960s, the management of Tasty Baking Company was concerned that if the North Philadelphia neighborhood surrounding its plant continued to deteriorate, the corporation’s real estate and six-story plant would be worthless. Moving to a new site would be expensive. To remain at the plant and do nothing would also be costly; employees […]

On The Agenda?

s affordable housing on the American agenda? If you’ve been reading the national press for the past few months, you might think so. Following a wonderful series of articles by Deborah Sontag, Frank Bruni, Lizette Alvarez, Dan Barry, and Alan Finder in The New York Times last October, which documented the dismal state of low-income […]

Cincinnati Homeless Advocate Murdered

Cincinnati Homeless Advocate Murdered Last November 15th, 46 year old Stanley “Buddy” Gray was shot to death in the office of the Drop-Inn Center he founded in 1973, the Associated Press reported. Wilbur Worthen, a resident of the apartment building where Gray lived, was charged with the murder. Gray was a confrontational advocate for the […]

Finding Common Ground

Everyone knows the real story of Las Vegas – enormous power concentrated in the hands of casinos, unchecked by government and oblivious to community responsibility. Las Vegas is also a city of staggering growth and a severe shortage of affordable housing. Despite many households having two full-time working parents in the gaming industry, their only […]

Why People (and Foundations) Give Away Their Money

A great deal of unnecessary mystery surrounds the process of philanthropy (a fancy word for “giving away money”). Dozens of books, articles, and sociological studies have analyzed the typical donor, trying to understand the philanthropic impulse. Professional fundraisers study these documents like sacred texts. Because the task of raising money makes so many people so […]

Strengthening Families and Communities Conference

On November 21, 1996, a woman who served as president of a coalition of blocks in her community rose to speak to a group of over 150 teachers, police officers, religious leaders, and community activists from throughout New Jersey. In a quivering voice, she described how she decided to stay in her neighborhood in East […]

From the National Rural Housing Coalition: Rural Housing Year by Year

Things got off to a good start when, at the beginning of President Clinton’s first term, the National Rural Housing Coalition (NRHC) and others were able to persuade the administration to expand low-income home ownership lending for rural housing under Section 502. The new Secretary of Agriculture, former Congressman Mike Espy (D-MS), was interested in […]