The Evolution of Supportive Housing

The integration of social services and housing is not a new concept. The services available near our housing have defined our sense of community. In our housing search, we look for places that have the services we need, such as shopping, day care, health care and employment. Yet for some, the services they need are […]

An Interview with Wendy R. Sherman

Wendy R. Sherman was recently appointed President and CEO of the Fannie Mae Foundation, as part of a significant expansion and restructuring that will make the Foundation an even more prominent player in the housing field. Prior to coming to the Foundation, Sherman was Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs; Director of EMILY’s List, […]

Service-Enriched Housing

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Empowerment In response to the housing crisis in the United States, nonprofit organizations have emerged as major players. Because many of these new developers have emanated from efforts to address social problems, such as family violence, substance abuse, and homelessness, they often provide supportive services for residents of the […]

Halfway Home

A transitional housing and treatment center in Newark helps women re-learn how to live As Diane Glauber points out in this issue, transitional housing is often viewed more as a program than housing. Yet while the focus of transitional housing is often on treatment for problems that have reached a crisis, housing is a critical […]

Building Links

Baltimore’s Community Housing Associates provides permanent, supportive, scattered site housing for people with mental illness The mental health community has come to view stable housing as critical to the continued recovery of the deinstitutionalized mentally ill. In an effort to create more stable housing opportunities, Maryland and many other states have begun helping mental health […]

Reform or Cost-Shifting?

It’s ironic that a member of the generation that helped create America’s social welfare system- a system that lifted half the nation’s elderly out of poverty and provided housing, food, and healthcare to millions of children – is now running for President on a platform aimed at dismantling that very system. But, the deed has […]


MAYORS, ADVOCATES FEAR CUTS Mayor Edward G. Rendell of Philadelphia is one of the first big-city mayors to cite new state welfare regulations as a direct factor in the need to cut local services. According to the July 29 New York Times, Mayor Rendell recently announced that the city had already exceeded its current budget […]


Amidst a flurry of last-minute activity on August 2, the recess bell rang at the Capitol, and the House and Senate headed home for summer vacation until after Labor Day. This break is invaluable for advocates as well as legislators; it provides an opportunity to catch our breaths, examine what has happened, and gear up […]