Building Communities From the Inside Out

In distressed communities across the United States, savvy organizers and leaders are rediscovering ancient wisdom about what builds strong communities, and then developing new ways to fit that wisdom to late 20th century community realities. This quest for effective community-building tools has accelerated in the recent past, in direct response to both a rapidly shifting […]

Community Building: Hope and Caution

Moving beyond bricks and mortar, community development corporations are taking on more diverse and comprehensive roles in redeveloping their communities. Are CDCs up to the challenge? Do they have the support from their communities, funders, or even their own organizations? An important and positive shift is taking place in the community development movement, a shift […]

The Future of American Communities

The call for community-based organizations (CBOs) to perform extensive community rebuilding is connected to larger changes in national attitudes. These changes include an increased frustration with the erosion of community, fear about the disintegration of the family as a dominant institution in the lives of children, an emphasis on localizing government and human service delivery, […]

Transforming Communities

Over the past few years, many independent, housing focused CDCs have undergone a metamorphosis into broad-based groups or collaboratives. This change is driven from two directions: from without as more and more funders become committed to the ideas of “collaboration” and “community building;” and from within as community groups see that inadequate housing is part […]