In Their Own Hands: Colonias Organize

“Complex but doable,” as one organizer put it, is an apt description of the job facing activists in the colonias, poverty-ridden communities along the Texas-Mexico border. The next questions are how is it doable and by whom. Colonias organizers are answering these questions as they work to redress what many have called “third world conditions.” […]

Part II: The Great Production Debate

In response to an earlier piece that examines the potential of design enhancement for neighborhood revitalization, housing development consultant Bob Santucci argues for high-quality, low-cost affordable housing production.

Shelterforce Interview: Bill Apgar

William C. Apgar, Jr. is Executive Director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies and a Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard’s JFK School of Government. He was a founding board member of the Committee for Boston Public Housing, and he has just completed a study for HUD on how to reform the FHA. Each […]