Thirty Years of HUD

HUD: Who Needs It?   During the Newark riots in the summer of 1967, the melee spilled over into Plainfield and other outlying areas. When the National Guard was called in to quell the riots, New Jersey’s first Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, Paul Ylvisaker, stood in the street with his arms in […]

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and HMDA: Tools for Reinvestment, by Chris Bohner

For the last twenty years, community activists across the country have organized residents to fight banks and thrifts that “redline”: i.e., refuse to provide credit and services to low-income and minority communities. Opposing the wholesale abandonment of urban and rural communities by America’s financial institutions, community organizations have convinced lenders to target loans to underserved […]

CRA Guerrilla Fighter, Bruce Marks

After a raucous Senate Banking Committee hearing exploring Fleet Financial Group’s record on lending to minority communities, the Federal Reserve Board governors agreed to consider taking action against the New England banking giant. Among the community activists present at that February 1993 meeting with the governors was Bruce Marks, Director of the Boston-based Union Neighborhood […]

Mission-Based Management

Mission-Based Management – Leading Your Not-For-Profit into the 21st Century by Peter C. Brinckerhoff. (Alpine Guild, Inc., P.O. Box 4846-D, Dillon, CO 80435. 800-869-9559. 1995. $29.95) Even in the best of times, running a nonprofit organization is a challenge. In times of diminishing resources and rapidly changing ground rules, successfully managing a community-based organization (CBO) […]