Fair Housing In America

Old Challenges Remain – New Challenges Arise The fair housing movement finds itself facing both old and new challenges almost 27 years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act by Congress in Spring 1968. Progress has been made in reducing racial discrimination in housing, and the 1988 amendments to the act extended its coverage […]

Insurance Redlining: Still Fact, Not Fiction

Twenty-five years ago, the National Advisory Panel on Insurance in Riot Affected Areas made this critical observation: “Insurance is essential to revitalize our cities. It is a cornerstone of credit. Without insurance, banks and other financial institutions will not and cannot make loans. New housing cannot be repaired. New businesses cannot expand, or even survive. […]

Organizing the South Bronx

IAF Challenges the South Bronx Organizing the South Bronx, by Jim Rooney. 1995. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. 283 pages. $14.95. (paper) In November 1994, The New York Times and New York magazine both published lengthy stories touting the recovery of New York City’s South Bronx, long the national symbol for urban […]