Reconnecting with America

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections In the 1992 campaign, Bill Clinton preached: “The rich get the gold mine and middle-class gets the shaft. It’s wrong and it’s going to ruin the country,” and won. After his election, it seemed we were on the verge of building a populist coalition that would help […]

A Simple Case of Fraud

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections The beauty of Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and so many other Republicans is that they make it all sound so simple. If the Republicans can reduce taxes, increase defense spending, balance the budget, get people off welfare, reconstitute the American family and accelerate the current reduction in […]

Caught Off Base

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections What do the election returns tell us? First, Republicans did not win so much as Democrats – particularly conservative Democrats – lost. The biggest vote in these elections stayed home. Republicans ran raw-meat conservatives to excite their base, and negative campaigns to drive away others. Too many […]

The Wake-Up Call

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections What makes this moment so difficult is not just the growing strength of the right wing. It is the weakness of progressive forces and the near absence of an alternative popular strategy. The election results must be our wake up call. It is time to design a […]

Election Day Victories

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections At the top of the ticket, where the pundits put all their attention, November 8, 1994, was a depressing election day for progressives. Gingrich rules the House, Dole presides over the Senate, Republican governors sweep to power in ten more states, and the Clinton Administration reacts by […]

The Neighborhood Institute: Training Citizens and Preparing Leaders

Since the 1960s, citizen participation in community development has been an ideal intended to spur neighborhood revitalization. Yet that ideal – embedded in such programs as CDBG and HOME – seems removed from the reality reflected by poorly attended public hearings and reduced participation in neighborhood organizations. Like waning voter participation, the decline of public […]

A Nation in Trouble

Most of us feel today that this country and its communities are in serious trouble. We don’t, however, see anyone doing anything ambitious enough to matter. What you are about to read proposes one bold and positive step that you can support. It is a proposal that does not increase the deficit, or increase the […]

Building a Strong Movement for Housing Justice

For two decades, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) has been in the forefront of the struggle for decent housing for the poor. It has consistently exposed our lopsided housing policies that subsidize the rich, while leaving the crumbs for the poor. To address this long-standing inequity, the Coalition is mounting a Housing Justice Campaign, […]

Holding Politicians Accountable

The elections of 1994 demonstrated the power of constituent organizing (mostly done by the right wing), the dissatisfaction of many voters with the current work of elected officials, and the importance of participating in the electoral process. In very few races were housing issues even discussed, except in the general context of slashing government spending. […]

In This Issue

We must “return to independent action, organizing a broad movement for economic justice for poor and working people,” Jesse Jackson admonishes us in this issue’s roundup of opinion on the recent sea change in American politics. His prescription – organizing and coalition building – is shared by long-time organizer Heather Booth, who asks if “people […]

Washington News and Views

From the National Alliance to End Homelessness Clinton Administration to Propose HUD Reinvention The Clinton Administration has thought better of a plan it had formulated to eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development, but not before this plan was leaked to the press. In order to save the agency, HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros has […]

The 104th Congress: What’s In Store?

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections The 103rd Congress adjourned December 1 without having enacted comprehensive housing and community development legislation. Although the House overwhelmingly and on a bipartisan basis passed H.R. 3838, the Housing and Community Development Act of 1994, the Senate failed to enact similar legislation in the rush to adjournment […]