Shelter Shorts

Jury Awards $3.2 Million in Lending Discrimination Case In the first jury trial in the United States dealing with mortgage lending discrimination, an individual was awarded $3.2 million in damages after a jury determined that he was discriminated against when denied a loan by First Gibraltar Bank (now known as First Madison Bank, FSB).  Gordon […]

Turf Wars

Squatters, or homesteaders, in New York City renovate abandoned buildings – and then try to prevent eviction by the city.

Holding Landlords Accountable

At first glance it would seem hopeless: hundreds of run-down rental properties that make cells in the City Jail look like luxury apartments. Vacant houses left open to drug dealers. Frustrated renters close to despair with burst pipes, no heat in the winter, children at risk of lead paint poisoning and rat bites. A city […]

In This Issue

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to repeat a rite of citizenship – voting. For just about two decades, I’ve been stepping into the booth, drawing the curtain and, in a remarkably palpable way, making my voice heard. Depending on the election, I’m joined by a few hundred other citizens, letting our local […]

Shelter Shorts

ACORN Tenant Union Launched in Public Housing One of the worst legacies of the Reagan-Bush years is the state of the nation’s public housing. While the need for low-rent housing increasingly out-stripped the supply, drastic budget cuts curtailed both construction and modernization of public housing. The residents of 1.2 million occupied units of public housing […]

Pro-Integrative Housing

The Suburban Racial Dilemma: Housing and Neighborhoods, by W. Dennis Keating, 1994 Philadelphia: Temple University Press.  288 pp $49.95 cloth, $22.95 paper Reviewed by Donald L. DeMarco All across America, racial segregation in housing is the rule, interracial living is the exception. Moreover, mixed-race housing is often transitory where it is found. Community development by […]

NHI Activities

Things move fast around here. Carole Norris, National Housing Institute’s newest board member, has just joined the National Congress of Community Economic Development as vice president. She can be reached at NCCED at 202-234-5009. NHI Executive Director and Shelterforce Editor Pat Morrissy was recently honored by the New Jersey Tenants Organization with the Ronald Atlas […]

Washington News and Views

Community Reinvestment Act Reform Update In July, 1993, President Clinton requested that the four banking agencies begin a comprehensive review and overhaul of the regulation for the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), a 1977 law prohibiting discriminatory lending practices and “redlining” of low-income and minority communities. The initiative to reform CRA was launched in response to […]