Beyond Social Service: Sustainable and Dynamic CDCs are Key to Economic...

As a program director at the Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) in Minneapolis, coupled with my prior corporate experience as human development consultant in...

Winning Back the Government’s Love (and Money)

If people grapple with real budget trade-offs, they might appreciate government spending more, and redirect it to programs that benefit their communities.

Tapping Into the Power of Technology

One of the greatest changes affecting the community development field has been in technology, and the benefits and challenges it brings. Because my background...

A Ground-Up Approach in a Top-Down World

Community development in the last 20 years has been hindered by the perpetuation of real estate as a vehicle for wealth creation.

Do One Thing and Do It Well

Changes in policy, economics, and needs force the community development field to move forward to meet today’s challenges.

Education, Cultural Literacy, and Representation Are Essential for Success

Education, digital literacy, and Congressional representation are the greatest challenges for the Latino community.

Priorities: Existing Housing Over New Construction

In the Pacific Northwest, the affordable housing industry is just beginning to understand the unsustainable building practices that were common in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Looking to Alternative Markets for Housing, Jobs, and Assets

As public resources, grants, and publicly owned lands dwindle, community developers have had to seek out new approaches to continue their work.

We Still Have the Power

What do activists, policy makers, advocates, scholars, and citizens of other countries do to surmount the challenges that face us here? What knowledge and wisdom can we import? What can we export?

It’s About Community, Every Step of the Way

We must start thinking about the role of community development in aiding the strengthening of our states, nation, and potential contributions to the global economy.

Know Your Rights

A community that is not equal under the law is not going to be equal anywhere else.

Doing More with Less

Our job is not to deliver services, but to empower clients to make as many decisions about their life as they can.

What’s in Store for PETRA?

At the time it was unveiled last year, the Obama administration’s Preservation, Enhancement and Transformation of Rental Assistance Act, or PETRA (see SF, Summer...

Building Grassroots Power and Coalitions in the CDC Movement

I am continually inspired by the potential for building grassroots power and coalitions for affordable housing and community development.

Taking a Sustainable Approach

Over the next 36 years, the biggest issue facing community developers will be energy. Many experts say we have already hit peak oil production...

Fighting for Responsible Corporate Partnerships

As with the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, we need a new mechanism for the next 36 years that forces corporations to anchor themselves in our neighborhoods.

Community Development Is in Everyone’s Interest

One of the main principles of organizing is self-interest. People are motivated to take action by the desire to improve their own lot. Students...

Mission: Accomplished

For the past five years, I have been involved with a project in Eastern Oregon in a town with a population of 3,310. The...

Creating Access and a Supportive Environment

Community development is about more than real estate. It is about our evolution as neighbors in a highly networked yet still disconnected world. We...

Use Planning to Filter and Focus

As a population that knows how to both “think” and “do,” leaders in community development naturally take interest in tackling the various components of...