Balancing Act

Old definitions may be obsolete as CDCs weigh whether to grow and how to build their impact in today’s social and economic environment.

Out Front and In Sync

What kind of leadership does the community development field demand in the 21st century?

Blinded by the Light

These days, it seems like everybody’s talking about housing. That should be good news for advocates working to focus the federal government and the media on how to remake the crazy quilt that passes for a national housing policy. But the sheer volume of talk about “stabilizing sagging markets” is no substitute for sustained examination […]

Beyond the Farm

New trends in rural community development make the work of rural CDCs appear more in line with that of their big-city counterparts.

When Supportive Housing Isn’t

The rationale behind supportive housing for people with mental disabilities is that pairing individualized services with permanent housing will help them live independently. But one San Francisco advocate sees more neglect than support.

In It Together

The latest book by Bill McKibben, the well-known environmental journalist and activist, poses a provocative question for community economic developers: How do we improve the lives of the people in communities: By giving them tools to operate in a “mainstream” economy that often carelessly discards human communities or by helping to build a new locally-oriented […]

A Word of Caution: The Forgotten Photograph

The trouble with many of us, and with our culture as a whole, is that we don’t take time to “relate,” to connect formally but meaningfully with others … We forget or deny that the appetite to relate is fundamental, and that the willingness to relate is nearly universal. People who have ideas and drive […]

Everyday Heroes

After the 2005 hurricanes, a wealth of new, independent, young leaders emerged from the ruins, with the potential to transform the Gulf Coast and the nation — if the systemic barriers of gender and race can be eradicated.

An Unfinished Agenda

Why it’s time for fair housing and community development to reunite to fight the vestiges of segregation.

Shelter Shorts

Not a Pretty Picture at HUD The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently contracted with Connecticut artist Daniel Mark Duffy to paint portraits of HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, as well as his four predecessors (above), for $100,000. The artwork will put Jackson in something of a rogue’s gallery: The last HUD secretary to have […]