Homeownership Rescue

Homeowners who can't afford their mortgages can turn to nonprofit housing organizations for help.

Privileged Places

Race, Opportunity and Uneven Development in Urban America

Can Progressives Deliver?

In key races around the country, progressive coalitions are mobilizing grassroots campaigns that just might pay off.

Thinking Collectively

In Boston, labor and community groups are using their shared values to collaborate and win victories

Healthy Foods, Strong Communities

Fresh fruits and veggies are good for more than just your health.

The Prevailing Question

Should the people who build low-income housing get the prevailing wage? CDCs say they can't afford to pay it, but can they really fight poverty if they don't?

“It’s Like You’re Walking But Your Feet Ain’t Going Nowhere.”

In Texas, evacuees from Hurricane Katrina wonder if their lives will ever get back to something approaching normal.

Miami Scandal

After the Miami Herald reported that the city-county housing authority had squandered millions of dollars intended for homes for low-income residents, community activists declared...

Shelter Shorts

Redefining Community BenefitsWhen does a community benefits agreement (CBA) not benefit its community? When it is negotiated between elected officials and developers, says Sustainable...

Raising Hell and Raising Money, Too

An ally of my agency, the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV), told me about a conversation he once had with the...

Preservation in Mind

As more property owners seek to get rid of their federally assisted housing, advocates hope they’ll sell to someone interested in preserving affordability. U.S....

Connecting Schools and Housing

For several decades community development corporations (CDCs) around the United States have been giving new life to urban neighborhoods by developing housing and other...

Rx for Tenants

Doctors and lawyers team up to help tenants stuck in housing that's bad for their health

Immigrant Backlash

A city that barred landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants now faces a lawsuit. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund and several...

Double Bottom Line

A Tacoma, Washington CDC is putting at least $250,000 into developing a “double bottom line” real estate fund that will invest in struggling neighborhoods...

S.F. Boosts Affordability

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently signed into law an inclusionary housing policy aimed at creating more affordable homes in the city. Fifteen percent...

NIMBYites Lose One

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in June that affordable housing development can’t be stopped on the grounds it might hurt neighbors’ property values....

Brokering Network

Several CDCs in the Memphis area have partnered with Seedco, the national economic development intermediary, to form a mortgage loan network. Members can either...

Schools House Homeless Kids

A school district outside St. Louis is opening a home this fall for homeless students. The Maplewood-Richmond Heights district bought a house and had...

The Truth About Concentrated Poverty

Last summer, Hurricane Katrina rolled over the Gulf Coast and unearthed an unpleasant truth about the state of poverty in this country: concentrated poverty...