The Future of Affordability: Trends nonprofit housers should be watching

For-profit housing developers have to know something about the future. Years can go by between the time they decide to undertake a project and when they’re ready to start selling units; securing financing, buying land, and carrying out construction all take time. In order to plan the project, developers need to know what the market […]

Insuring Reinvestment

Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have been fighting for decades to get equal access to financial services, fend off predatory lenders, and get the banking industry to reinvest in their communities. A host of hard-won tools, including the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Home Mortgage Data Disclosure Act (HMDA), have helped. Though there […]

Facing the Recession

I ran into Eric Belsky last summer at a Millennial Housing Commission hearing in New York, a few weeks after the Joint Center for Housing Studies released its annual State of the Nation’s Housing report. I asked Eric to take the trends the Joint Center has been following, along with the demographic changes occurring in […]

Community Development News

Wages Are Falling Farther Behind Housing Prices   A worker would have to earn $13.87 per hour – called the “Housing Wage”– to afford the national median fair market rent for a two-bedroom rental house or apartment according to Out of Reach 2001: America’s Growing Wage-Rent Disparity, published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition […]

Housing Advocates Track Indoor Environmental Hazards to Spur Improvements

When the community health promoters of San Diego’s Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) say they’re doing pollution testing, many people probably imagine samples from the local rivers or the air downwind of a factory. But they’re just as likely to mean testing for lead paint and other health hazards inside poorly maintained housing. For years, environmental […]

Fundraising: Multiple Mail Appeals

Grassroots groups, while constantly trying to find better ways to recruit new donors, often act as though their current donors were fragile china only to be brought out on special occasions – usually one mail appeal per year, two at most. It’s understandable that these organizations are hesitant to send frequent appeals; they keep hearing […]

Power, Race, and School Reform

The Color of School Reform: Race, Politics and the Challenge of Urban Education, by Jeffrey R. Henig, Richard C. Hula, Marion Orr, and Desiree S. Pedescleaux. Princeton University Press, 1999. 320 pp. $18.95, paper. There was, at one time, optimism that having a majority of African-American teachers, administrators, and policymakers would vastly improve the education […]

Strengthening the CRA

In 1995, the last time federal banking agencies revised the rules of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), they promised to conduct a follow-up review in 2002. Now that 2002 is upon us, portions of the banking community are predictably clamoring for changes that would weaken CRA. But the upcoming review also offers CRA advocates an […]