Stakeholder Community Development

Community development has much to celebrate from its thirty or so years of existence. The field has achieved a solid level of national respect and support, and has grown from its initial focus on the work of community development corporations (CDCs) to include a range of activities performed by faith-based institutions, universities, hospitals and settlement […]

A Homegrown Leader (DSNI’s John Barros)

Twenty-seven year old John Barros came up through the ranks of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Boston, Massachusetts, working in various capacities at the CDC since his teen years. Now Barros is DSNI’s new executive director, the first one they can truly call “homegrown.” Barros came to DSNI in the late ’80s through […]

The Leadership Challenge

Managing a community development corporation (CDC) has never been easy. It’s even harder today. Competition for resources has intensified. And keeping talented staff is especially tough in today’s tight job market. Add to these longstanding CDC trials new organizational challenges. With the advent of the information age, the pace of commerce everywhere has accelerated. There’s […]

Turning Parents into Strong Community Leaders (COFI)

Late last winter, Nancy Santiago, as a member of the “Parent Policy Committee,” helped convince Chicago Public Schools to involve parents and communities more fully in deciding the distribution of funds from a major federal program. This spring, she won re-election for a seat on her Local School Council, where she is one of six […]

The People Shall Rule

On April 13th, 1999, as the precinct workers brought in their tapes from the voting machines in Chicago’s 15th ward, the first returns for rookie political candidate Ted Thomas did not look good. The mayor and his allies had mobilized against Thomas, the former Chicago ACORN board president, mailing out several impressive, glossy pieces in […]

Leadership Training at HANDS

Four years ago, Pat Morrissy, director of the community development corporation HANDS, Inc., and Arnold Rintzler, a business consultant, marched side by side in the Newark St. Patrick’s Day parade. The friendship they began over the long parade route would eventually lead to the HANDS Leadership Institute. At about the same time, Elizabeth Jackson, a […]

Leadership Training Directory

The desire to learn constantly is a primary characteristic of a good leader. And one of the roles of community organizations is providing new and seasoned leaders with opportunities to do just that. The organizations in this listing can help you with everything from training your staff to developing the leadership potential of youth in […]

On Leadership

If you stop learning today, you stop leading tomorrow.              – Dr. Howard Hendricks, theologian. What makes a leader? We all have an image in our mind’s eye. More often than not, that image is of someone charismatic, charming, passionate and tireless. But when it comes down to it, leadership is more work than glory. […]

Bringing Down the Barriers to Enrollment in Federal Programs

Constance Etheridge went to the Department of Social Services office in South Carolina for a simple reason: she and her children were hungry and they needed food. Constance was told to go away – a flagrant violation of federal law that not only guarantees the right to apply for food stamps, but in situations like […]

The Executive Director and Development Director Relationship

This article is for development directors (DD) and the executive directors (ED) who supervise them. The executive director can be a development director’s greatest ally or biggest challenge, but rarely anything in between. The ideal working relationship between ED and DD looks like this: At the beginning of the year, the ED and the DD […]

Housing in the 106th Congress

As we move into the 107th Congress, looking back at the 106th’s efforts to alleviate the affordable housing crisis can help advocates set their agendas for the coming two years. While much of the legislation advocates supported was not enacted, there were a number of hopeful signs and positive steps. One of the greatest steps […]

Raising the LIHTC Cap

Since the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) became effective in 1987, the credit allocation to states has remained fixed at $1.25 per capita. Thirteen years later, increased construction costs due to inflation mean that the same number of dollars buys less property and builds fewer units of housing. The need for housing continues to […]

Cities Revive, But What About the People?

Comeback Cities: A Blueprint for Urban Neighborhood Revival, by Paul Grogan and Tony Proscio. Westview Press, Boulder, CO 2000. 285 pp. $25. Community developers owe important debts to Paul Grogan. Under his stewardship the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) grew many-fold, passing billions of dollars into our communities in the forms of loans, grants, and […]

Developing Future Leaders

Leaders Who Make A Difference: Essential Strategies for Meeting the Nonprofit Challenge, by Burt Nanus and Stephen M. Dobbs. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA 1999. 279 pp. $26. As the complexities of a global marketplace and information and technology advances have made effective leadership an increasingly critical factor, the last decade has seen a significant increase […]