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How CRA Can Promote Integration in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Gentrification—the process of neighborhood demographic and economic change in which middle- and upper-income people move into lower-income neighborhoods, increasing home values and rent prices—has intensified in large cities and metropolitan […]


Scapegoating Blacks for the Economic Crisis

A simple, yet likely powerful, explanation has now been offered for the subprime mortgage-lending and foreclosure problems that have fed the nation’s gravest economic crisis since the Depression. Its simplicity […]


The Seven Lessons of HMDA

$393 billion. That’s the amount banks have committed to lend in low and moderate income communities nationwide since the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) went into effect 20 years ago. By […]


Housing Legislative News

Congress Guts CRA The bill that emerged from conference committee negotiations over the financial modernization bills, H.R. 10 and S. 900, would gut the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The new […]


Washington News and Views

National Advocacy Groups Write to Leach, Banking Committee Democrats On CRA By Allen Fishbein Twelve national community reinvestment and housing development groups have written to House Banking Committee Chair Jim […]


Gramm Wrong, Again, on CRA

In an effort to undercut future public investment in the nation’s infrastructure, Phil Gramm, former chair of the Senate Banking Committee and currently with the Swiss bank UBS, once again […]