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The Spring Issue of Shelterforce Is Here!

Fair Housing: The Work Continues and the Vision Expands is the theme of our cover package in our Spring 2011 issue as we explore the continued fight for equity in […]


Fair Housing is NOT War on the Suburbs

The Obama administration’s revised Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule has recently come under fire—again—by the new administration. Attacks on the rule have been debated here on Rooflines, but what […]


Pro-Integrative Housing

The Suburban Racial Dilemma: Housing and Neighborhoods, by W. Dennis Keating, 1994 Philadelphia: Temple University Press.  288 pp $49.95 cloth, $22.95 paper Reviewed by Donald L. DeMarco All across America, […]


Three Dangers and an Opportunity

If it seems like we’re approaching a domestic policy pivot point, it might be because we are. Since Nov. 9, we’ve been thinking about the near- and long-term implications of […]