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Informal Gathering Spaces for Healing Community Trauma

All communities—especially those carrying heavy burdens of trauma and inequity—deserve the transformation and resilience that healing spaces can provide.

Reckless Budget Targets Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

There are few greater obligations that we share as a nation than to support our servicemen and women when they come home “to care...

Short-Term Funds With Long-Term Impact

The changes that stimulus funding made in Lane County, Oregon’s homelessness prevention will last past the funds themselves—but they could have a lot more effect, especially for veterans, if federal funding continued.

Shelterforce Interviews Two CRA Veterans

CRA – Taking It To the Next Step The success of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has been significant. Thanks to the CRA, community groups...

From Barracks to Apartments: Serving Vets in Transition

As regular readers of Shelterforce know, with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008, Congress provided $75 million to the...

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Now that the narrative has slowly — slowly — changed from a cuts-only policy perspective to something more nuanced, complex, equitably-minded discussion (thanks, in...

Affordable ADUs: How It’s Being Done

In the face of limited financing options, local governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises are experimenting with ways to make affordable ADUs a reality.

Leaky Roof? A USDA Home Repair Option

One USDA program has given out over a billion dollars in rural home repair grants since its inception, and could be inspiration for similar programs in urban and suburban communities as well.

What Is NIMBYism and How Do Affordable Housing Developers Respond to...

NIMBYism is often expressed as concerns about crime, congestion, schools, property values, and “quality of life.” But when developments are built these fears rarely come to pass.

Alphabet Soup: Breaking Down All Those Housing and Community Development Terms

Confused by the acronyms and initials dotting your reading material? All fields have them, and housing is no exception. Here’s what many of the most common mean.

The Racial Wealth Gap Begins With Our Tax Code

Dorothy A. Brown’s The Whiteness of Wealth breaks down the deleterious effect our tax code has had on Black lives. Crown, 2021, 288 pp., $27 (hardcover); $17 (softcover).

Hands Off the Houses: Can We Stop Speculative Land Grabs?

From the macro scale to the micro scale, there are many ways in which the housing market playing field is tilted toward financial firms—and many ways being proposed to start to tilt it back.

The Rosa Parks of a New Economic Justice Movement?

The protesters challenging the big banks and the super-rich won a dramatic victory in Los Angeles on Thursday, as I describe below. OneWest Bank,...

Jon Bon Jovi Announces Winner of Project REACH

Jon Bon Jovi announced Monday the winner of the Project REACH competition—a mobile app contest challenging companies to develop a program to connect...

Shelter Shorts

From the Frontline to the Sideline (of society) The federal government reported that veterans make up 9 percent of the U.S. population but 23...

How the Major Party Platforms Approach Housing

The major political party platforms take different approaches to federal housing assistance and related topics. The Republican and Democratic platforms...

The Thanks of a Grateful Nation

The Marine base that exerts an outsize gravitational pull on Twentynine Palms, Calif. is the largest in the world, and shimmers several miles outside...

2012’s Top 5 Wins for Affordable Housing

From the proposed short-funding of Project Based Section 8 to the fiscal cliff, it’s been a scary year for affordable housing. There were some...

One Veteran’s Story

Michael Powell's journey from childhood poverty to military service and subsequent struggle with addiction is probably not unlike thousands of others who have served; but in listening to his story, you realize that somewhere along the way it may have become more complicated than it needed to be.

A Tangled Web: The Problem with Fragmented Housing Assistance

We don’t really have a housing assistance system. We have hundreds of them. And that's part of why it's so hard to get rent relief out.

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