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Green Communities, Green Jobs

Community Based Development Organizations (CBDOs) often get drawn into an environmental agenda by the need to organize against an environmental hazard. In Roxbury, Massachusetts, for example, the Dudley Street Neighborhood […]


Developing Workers

As community development corporations (CDCs) strive to develop comprehensive strategies to help individuals and families in their communities, they are increasingly turning their attention to job training and placement programs, […]


Policy Recommendations

Key Values The policies we propose to address the endangered housing problem rest on two foundations: citizen participation and reciprocal responsibility. These policies promote democratic self-government by empowering citizens and […]


Building Trust

The challenge of 9/11 brought Chinatown’s organizations, long riven by deep-seated differences, together to plan for recovery.


Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Selected Initiatives

Neighborhood Partners Initiative The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Neighborhood Partners Initiative supports community building and neighborhood stabilization projects in one- to five-block neighborhoods in New York City’s South Bronx and […]

A child stands in front of a sign that reads "Low Water Landscape." Photo by 100 Resilient Cities


Resilience 101

Community development fits well within the growing resilience movement—and connecting the two more explicitly could make their work even more powerful.


Time to Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses

The community development movement has gone from advocating for social change to narrowly providing housing and economic development. As the movement returns to a broader agenda, can it overcome resistance […]