Sr. Manager, National Homeownership Programs

    NeighborWorks America
    May 6, 2022
    999 N Capitol St NE, Washington


    Title: Sr. Manager, National Homeownership Programs 

    Purpose of Division:

    The National Initiatives Division of NeighborWorks® America (NeighborWorks) is responsible for developing, testing, and managing innovative national programs and services designed in support of the approximately 240 NeighborWorks Organizations with the overall objective of sustaining a network of excellence that creates opportunities for people to live affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

    In addition, the division oversees grant programs beyond the NeighborWorks Network, including other non-profit and governmental agencies throughout the country. The areas of focus within National Initiatives include homeownership and lending, financial capability, community and resident engagement and real estate programs. The division is led by the Senior Vice President of National Initiatives, who is responsible for establishing the priorities and procedures for programmatic and grant offerings.

    Position Summary:

    Lead national effort to achieve corporate housing counseling and homeownership specific goals, by providing thought leadership, strategic planning, national/regional presentations and program planning and development, including program, staff and budgeting oversight.

    “Due to the current pandemic circumstances and our commitment to provide the highest care for our community, NeighborWorks America requires all new employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before being hired. Candidates should be prepared to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon hire or discuss accommodations in line with COVID-19 safety protocols.”

    Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

    1. Directs and develops innovative programs and policies in all aspects of homeownership and housing counseling to sustain high quality standards and programmatic excellence at NeighborWorks® America, in the NeighborWorks® system and in the community development field.
    2. Provide management and oversight of programs and special projects related to innovations in homeownership and the development of key performance indicators in homeownership services business lines.
    3. Directly supervises and motivates a diverse staff.
    4. Provide leadership on corporate projects, events and committees.
    5. Deliver frequent presentations and analytical writing for internal and external audiences on programmatic and policy topics. Make recommendations, including grant recommendations to officers and senior management on homeownership and housing counseling programs, priorities and initiatives.
    6. Train and support NeighborWorks® organizations and NeighborWorks® America staff on innovations in housing programs and policy, mortgage finance and homeownership strategies.
    7. Develop and maintain relationships with institutions, industry groups, other intermediaries, Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE), governments and leading practitioners in order to develop best practices and innovations.
    8. Coordinate communications among the National Homeownership and Lending Program team members, Steering Committee, NeighborWorks® America staff, and externally to outside audiences.
    9. Assist the Resource Development and Communications Division in developing and implementing resource and communication strategies for homeownership and housing counseling services.
    10. Oversee technical assistance services in homeownership and housing counseling services, including national, regional, district and on-site trainings.
    11. Assist in administration and oversight of homeownership and housing counseling related grants to Network members, including the HUD Housing Counseling program and others.
    12. Work on designated assignments in such areas as organization, coordination, analyses, contracting, drafting and writing of reports.
    13. Work as assigned to participate in peer discussions, internal and external presentations, conferences to provide periodic reports on home ownership related research and results.
    14. Oversee the production of homeownership and housing counseling related publications and other resource materials.
    15. Assist VP, NHPL with implementation of special projects as requested.
    16. Occasionally provide direct consulting to NeighborWorks® organizations and others as needed.

    Nature of Work Contacts:

    • Work with external partners and potential partners to enhance relationships
    • Works closely with the NeighborWorks® Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC).
    • Work with staff of NeighborWorks® organizations, especially homeownership management staff, to deliver homeownership-related research, information and services.
    • Work with Training, Field and Organizational Assessment Division staff to help maintain and enhance quality control of homeownership services.
    • Work with outside vendors and consultants to supervise project deliverables.

    Fiscal Responsibilities:

    Not applicable

    Required Minimum Qualifications:

    (a) Education:
    • An advanced degree in business or public affairs, planning/public policy and/or any equivalent combination of 5 + years of education, nonprofit management experience and training.

    (b) Experience:
    • Demonstrated experience managing multiple complex and large-scale programs in a fast-paced team environment paired with and the ability to meet critical deadlines. This includes managing budgets, timelines and coordinating with a diverse group that will include but not be limited to staff, consultants, and advisors from within and outside the NeighborWorks® network.

    (c) Licenses, Certifications: N/A

    (d) Competencies, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
    • Considerable knowledge of single-family mortgage finance and lending, home ownership business development and housing counseling.
    • Strong analytical skills, systems and business problem solving skills needed to initiate and prepare studies, surveys, and reports, as well as recommend/implement system solutions.
    • Significant exposure to and understanding of community-based non-profits.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and verbal & written communication skills.
    • Accomplishments that reflect teamwork, integrity, effectiveness and efficiency — including demonstrated leadership, ability to influence and bring about consensus, also the aptitude and to work independently.
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others and successfully interact with individuals people at both all management and support levels, as well as with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
    • Ability to develop high-level professional relationships, coordinating with national and local partners, and fundraising.
    • Maintain regular and timely attendance.

    (e) NeighborWorks America Staff are expected to demonstrate excellence in the following:
    • Sensitivity to racial, gender, sexual orientation and cultural differences
    • Effective, respectful, and timely communications with internal and external stakeholders
    • Listening effectively, seeks and accepts feedback
    • Effective team work
    • Analytic, thoughtful and strategic thinking
    • Considering the mission, objectives, and goals of NeighborWorks and demonstrating an understanding of the impact of her/his/their decisions and behavior on the organization

    Preferred Qualifications:

    Experience working with housing counseling agencies, housing counselors, and the HUD Housing Counseling grant program. Familiarity with the HUD Housing Counselor Certification requirement.

    Working Conditions:

    (a) Travel: Up to 40%
    (b) Physical/Sensory Demands:
    • Fast paced working environment, extensive computer usage.

    Special Provisions: N/A

    To Apply: 

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