President and Chief Executive Officer

    DHIC Inc.
    January 23, 2020


    DHIC seeks a President and CEO to increase opportunities for DHIC’s residents to live well by providing high-quality, well-managed affordable homes and a range of supportive services.

    About DHIC

    Established in 1974, initially to revitalize neighborhoods close to downtown Raleigh, DHIC, Inc. has built or renovated more than 2,700+ rental apartment homes across nine counties that remain remarkably affordable for seniors, families, and individuals. Growing to become the most experienced and active nonprofit housing development organization in the region, DHIC has also built more than 400 residential homes for sale, while serving thousands of individuals and families with housing support services. DHIC is an exemplary member of the NeighborWorks America national network and the Housing Partnership Network. DHIC's lines of business include Real Estate Development, Asset Management, Resident Services, and the Homeownership Center.

    For over 45 years, DHIC has served in a leadership role to foster housing opportunities in the Triangle region. As one of the country’s most experienced nonprofit housing development organizations, DHIC strengthens its community by offering families and seniors with limited incomes the opportunity for high-quality rental housing and homeownership. When combined with its housing support and counseling services, the impact of DHIC enables thousands of individuals and families to improve their economic well-being by way of stable housing.

    DHIC meets the need for affordable housing with:

    • Affordable apartment communities known for their beautiful design, top-quality construction and ongoing maintenance and management.
    • Homeownership Center services that prepare aspiring homebuyers for the mortgage and purchase process, as well as the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a residence of their own.
    • Resident services that provide valuable tools, training, and connections to community resources and social services that help individuals and families enjoy a more stable, safe and nurturing living environment.
    • Housing opportunities geographically dispersed across the region in various neighborhoods and communities, including all levels of the affordability spectrum.
    • Award-winning homeowner communities in Southeast Raleigh and elsewhere. From time to time, DHIC partners with other accomplished nonprofit and for-profit developers to ensure affordable opportunities are available throughout the Triangle region.

    Additional information regarding DHIC, Inc. can be found at:

    The Position

    The President and CEO will follow the 34-year tenure of Gregg Warren, a respected leader who grew DHIC and oversaw its decisive impact in Raleigh and other communities in North Carolina. The organization has created an environment that welcomes a new vision and leadership while building on the successes of the past. The next leader must have the ability to take DHIC to the next level of service to its communities and to identify and pursue opportunities to expand its impact and reach.

    The new President and CEO will report to the Board of Directors, with whom they are expected to collaborate regularly. The CEO will oversee a senior management team which includes the Chief Financial Officer/VP of Finance & Administration, Vice President of Real Estate Development, and Vice President of Resource Development & Partnerships. The Homeownership Center Director also joins the management team at its regular meetings but is not directly supervised by the CEO. Together these managers have ultimate responsibility of the 18-person staff.

    The mission for the President and CEO is to increase opportunities for DHIC’s residents to live well by providing high-quality, well-managed affordable homes and a range of supportive services. They will also work to increase DHIC’s ability to help residents achieve economic stability through homeownership, including but not limited to homeownership counseling and down payment assistance services. This individual will articulate and lead a fiscally responsible strategy for effectively integrating all functions of the organization while also possessing the leadership skills to inspire staff and management skills to drive results.

    DHIC has a solid pipeline of real estate development projects that will be underway in the coming years, a strong balance sheet, and a well-defined asset management function. Combined with an experienced, tenured staff and significant local government support for affordable housing, the new CEO will enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to expand the organization’s impact in the Research Triangle region.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Strategic Leadership

    • Direct the visioning and strategic planning process in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the management team to drive growth, innovation, long-term sustainability, and community impact. DHIC is nearing the end of its current strategic plan. They will have the opportunity to work with the Board of Directors and staff to develop a new, expanded plan that will outline options for the stability and growth for the organization.
    • Deliver “integrated leadership” in which the President and CEO is outward facing with potential partners and industry leaders and is also connected internally with the team and its work.
    • Provide direction on business-related decisions, including potential joint ventures, acquisitions, and development opportunities.
    • Demonstrate DHIC’s commitment to racial equity and inclusion both internally and in the implementation of its mission and work.

    Resource Development

    • In partnership with the Board of Directors and the VP of Resource Development and Partnerships, build an expanded network of financial supporters and partners from the public and private sectors. The goal of DHIC’s continuous fundraising is to enhance and expand investment in resident services, homeownership programs, and innovations that contribute to the quality of life in the communities where it works.
    • Seek and establish partnership with other public sector agencies, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations to leverage resources and increase the impact and outcomes beyond what each group can achieve independently.

    Management and Operations

    • Motivate and inspire DHIC’s high-performing team, providing leadership, training, and mentoring to the staff. Attract, retain and reward best-in-class talent to continue to strengthen DHIC’s growth.
    • Provide oversight of all of the financial affairs of DHIC, including the annual operating budget, annual financial audit, asset management, and overall financial strength.
    • Operate in an environment of transparency, both internally and externally, and inspire participation and cooperation.
    • Encourage and foster collaboration across divisions and departments that results in improved individual and organizational performance.
    • Facilitate the investment in and use of technologies to advance the resident outcomes and job satisfaction of the staff.

    Community Advocacy and Industry Leadership

    • Continue to develop and sustain a substantive and visible presence in the affordable housing and real estate industries at the local, state and national levels to bring credibility, contacts, and business opportunities to DHIC.
    • Develop relationships with local, state, and federal government leaders, and elected officials to influence and stay ahead of policy changes that impact the affordable housing industry and the residents it serves, forging strategic pathways for DHIC to continue strong development and acquisition activity within the context of significant paradigm and industry shifts.

    Candidate Qualifications/Experience

    Experience: Minimum of 15 years of progressive experience and leadership with affordable housing organizations with functions including development, ownership, asset management, and resident services.

    Education: An undergraduate degree is required. A graduate degree in business, finance, urban planning, real estate development, or a related field is preferred.

    A combination of the following experience and characteristics is sought for this position:

    • Solid strategic thinker who will focus on the big picture, and will also engage with staff on tactical, operational, and technical matters.
    • Ability to problem solve and work in a participatory style of decision-making to determine, prioritize, and manage the tactics required to achieve the organization’s strategic initiatives.
    • Strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion both within and outside the organization.
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills that foster effective working relationships with a diverse group of individuals. Is as comfortable in working with elected officials, business leaders as well as residents and community organizers.
    • Demonstrated experience with public and private affordable housing funding resources and subsidy programs, including LIHTC programs, tax-exempt bonds and syndication process, CDFI resources, and philanthropy.
    • Understanding of the range and importance of down payment assistance and mortgage products that can assist low- to moderate income homebuyers.
    • Highly-developed listening, written, and oral communication skills with an ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision, and make effective presentations on complex topics.
    • Deep embrace and support of organizational mission, culture, and core values.
    • Understanding of regional dynamics and community economic development practices.

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