Operations Manager

    Richmond LAND
    September 7, 2021


    Job Title: Operations Manager

    Reports to: Executive Director

    Desired Start Date: Immediately, October 1st  

    Rate: This role is a full-time exempt position ranging between $65,000-$75,000 annual salary.

    Organizational Summary:

    Richmond LAND’s mission is to build grassroots power for resident-driven and community-controlled land-use through community organizing, land acquisition, development, and stewardship of land and affordable housing for long-term community benefit. Transitioning into independent operations in 2020, Richmond LAND has grown from an idea into a unique and transformative development organization that centers resident self-determination, local capacity-building, and cultural strategy in our acquisition and place-keeping efforts. As an emerging Community Land Trust, we seed land projects and stewardship activities through resident leadership, community organizing, and membership processes. We envision a world where homegrown residents can mobilize to create, finance, control, and sustain affordable housing and community development projects that fulfill long-standing community needs and aspirations. The organization aims to shift local market-driven real estate practices toward community-controlled housing and land that align with restorative economics and the Just Transition framework

    Position Overview: 

    The Operations Manager (OM) is responsible for overseeing and improving Richmond LAND’s organizational sustainability, capacity, and growth. The OM will lead internal management and infrastructure development to ensure that the organization increases its ability to sustain community programs, resident engagement, and advocacy campaigns while also increasing real estate acquisition, development activity, and the implementation of effective stewardship services. The OM will anchor the organization by evaluating and improving a range of organizational activities. They will create and implement systems, policies, and procedures for greater mission impact, legal compliance, and best practices. The Operations Manager will lead key fiscal, administrative, and back-office efforts, streamline processes and support the staff collective in creating effective practices to strengthen programming, grow real estate activity, and enable community wealth-building strategies. The OM will collaborate with the staff management collective to ensure that organizational activities and business practices align with Richmond LANDs values, approach, and vision. 

    Description of key responsibilities and result to be achieved:

    • Evaluate existing internal structures and suggest improvements to enhance nonprofit business practices, strengthen program delivery, and improve Richmond LAND’s community and economic development capacity.
    • Streamline internal processes and protocols, create an operations manual and board book that outlines organizational policies and procedures.
    • Develop and implement effective financial oversight. Incorporate regular use of cash flow projections, financial forecasting, grant tracking, and other financial planning tools for proper financial management, fundraising, and grant administration; lead budgeting processes, and oversee fundraising and grant reporting. Create holistic methods for tracking progress and impact. 
    • Collaborate on a fundraising and resource cultivation plan that outlines goals and milestones for securing revenue for current and planned projects. Improve Richmond LAND’s ability to secure and manage state and federal grants and explore integrated capital strategies.   
    • Maintain organizational compliance, review legal and regulatory requirements, fulfil contractual obligations, and conduct necessary reporting.
    • Manage data, conduct research, organize information, and update content on funding opportunities, relevant policies, partnerships, curriculum and other critical campaign or project areas.
    • Establish and maintain effective internal communications and record-keeping systems throughout the organization.
    • Assist in defining internal culture and procedures that promote holistic wellness and ensure that the organization remains an equitable and inclusive workplace. 
    • Optimize collaboration by coordinating team meetings, facilitating discussions, capturing notes, implementing project management tools, and establishing methods for evaluation and reflection. 
    • Establish decision-making practices for consensus building, delegation, and healthy team dynamics.
    • Participate in strategic planning to refine organizational goals, theory of change, and priorities to achieve Richmond LAND’s mission and vision. 
    • Conduct needs assessments, Monitor learning and professional development progress, secure new resources, and enhance networks to maintain sustainability and increase in-house capacities, campaign development, and program execution.
    • Lead ongoing organizational evaluation, recommend shifts in practice and prioritization, coordinate partnerships and contracts with professional services, tools, and technical programs as needed.
    • Assist with the preparation of board and committee meetings, compile packets, reports, and recommendations as requested.
    • Represent Richmond LAND in meetings with government agencies, developers, suppliers, professional organizations and other groups.
    • Support and vet real estate project activity by reviewing pro-formas, supporting research and due diligence tasks for obtaining project approvals or completing financing applications.
    • Provide appropriate controls, management, and accountability of all funds, physical assets, land, and other property. Create stewardship and asset management plans for all capital projects.
    • Assist with coordination of real estate transactions and manage stewardship of leasehold and rental properties.
    • Monitor post-purchase requirements, track loan payments, taxes and insurance compliance, and ground lease payments.
    • Assist with resident intake and lease-up, vet paperwork, coordinate housing counseling services, establish resident selection process, develop marketing plan, and process applications as needed.

    Requirements and Desired Qualifications: 

    • Commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, and values; involvement in movement-based work with a strong race/class analysis and practice is strongly desired
    • Connection to Richmond or Contra Contra County is strongly desired, but a commitment to local resident leadership, place-keeping, and power-building is required 
    • 3-5 years of operations experience in a business or nonprofit organization, preferably in affordable housing or real estate development with growing responsibility in fiscal oversight and management
    • Knowledge and experience in project management processes and workflow; proficiency in Asana, online collaborative tools, and CRM’s is strongly desired 
    • Ability to manage confidential or sensitive information with discretion; a background in internal service orientation is strongly desired
    • Solutions-oriented problem-solver that can handle complex issues 
    • Ingenuity in garnering resources (people, funding, support) to get things done through formal channels and informal networks 
    • Self-starter with leadership experience, strong judgement, attention to detail, and organizational skills to balance multiple projects and achieve outcomes 
    • Proven success in fundraising and grants management, experience with a diversified set of financial resources is strongly desired 

    How to Apply:

    Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter that addresses the following topics to info@richmondland.org for consideration:

    • Familiarity with the community land trust model and interest in growing Richmond LAND’s efforts
    • Description of experience working for/with BIPOC communities
    • Perspective, experience, or ideas for strong growth and sustainability of innovative startup organizations 

    Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis and interviews will begin the week of September 13th. 

    Richmond LAND is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages Black, Indigenous, and all people of color, women, queer and gender-fluid applicants to apply. W​e also consider applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.