Housing Director

    Houston Community Land Trust
    September 27, 2018


    About Houston Community Land Trust (HCLT): HCLT’s mission is to make affordable homeownership achievable for limited-income households in Houston, Texas by connecting income-qualified homebuyers to HCLT’s portfolio of perpetually affordable homes in neighborhoods across the city. HCLT is dedicated to providing the stewardship and long-term support necessary for HCLT homebuyers to be successful in homeownership.

    Overview: The Housing Director is responsible for the overall real estate development pipeline and portfolio of the Houston Community Land Trust (HCLT). HCLT’s Housing Director will work with the City of Houston and neighborhood-based organizations to identify development goals and priorities, conduct feasibility assessments, and oversee the transition of properties into the land trust.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Work with the Community Relations Director to identify opportunities for the development of community land trust properties.
    2. Work with the City to ensure units developed for the pipeline meet the quality and location standards of the CLT.  Track construction progress and timelines on all pipeline properties so that marketing, contracting and closings can proceed on time.
    3. Develop partnerships with and work with real estate partners including agents, title insurance and escrow/closing agents to market, insure and sell CLT homes to eligible buyers.
    4. Develop and maintain partnerships with Lenders willing to make mortgage loans available to CLT homebuyers.
    5. Work with the City to conduct initial feasibility analysis of sites prioritized by community organizations for affordable homeownership (opportunities will include new construction, acquisition rehab and building conversion).
    6. Oversee the development of program compliance reports for city, state, county, federal and private funders and assure compliance with funder requirements.
    7. Work with Housing Department staff to provide stewardship to HCLT homeowners. This includes policies and procedures to support for homeowners, homes and ensure on-going affordability of HCLT’s portfolio.
    8. Supervise Housing Department staff responsible for housing counseling, closings, and stewardship.
    9. Evaluate HCLT’s effectiveness in terms of on-going affordability, homeowner success and long-term wealth creation for low-income families.

    Essential Qualifications:

    1. Bachelor’s degree
    2. Three or more years’ experience in real estate development, lending, nonprofit housing or related fields, or additional relevant education or qualifications
    3. Strong presentation, oral, and written communication skills
    4. Outreach experience working with diverse communities and public agencies to develop policies related to program goals
    5. Strong personal and professional commitment to affordable housing and/or community development

    Preferred Qualifications:

    1. Relevant experience in real estate, lending or management, specifically community land trusts, limited equity, shared equity or other alternative homeownership models
    2. Demonstrated management ability within a nonprofit or community–based membership organization
    3. Graduate degree in community development, public administration, business, planning or a related field
    4. Ability to speak a second language (especially Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic or Urdu)

    Supervision: This position will report to the HCLT Executive Director and may have direct supervisory responsibility for other staff members.

    Other: This position requires access to confidential information including member’s financial histories and personally identifiable information. This position will have access to company funds and may have authority to authorize contracts and approve payments.

    Working Conditions: This position requires prolonged periods in a seated or standing position in a normal office environment with acceptable lighting, temperature, and air conditions. Occasional light lifting (up to 20 pounds) and walking outside in less-than-optimal temperature conditions may be required.

    Notes: Extensive training and technical assistance will be available from Burlington Associates, Grounded Solutions Network, and the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department.

    How to Apply: To apply for this position, please email your resume, cover letter and at least three references to info@houstonclt.org.