Executive Director

    Hartford Land Bank
    April 9, 2021
    1429 Park Street, #114, Hartford



    The Hartford Land Bank, Inc. (HLB) seeks a dynamic and entrepreneurial leader to serve as Executive Director (ED). The HLB ED will be responsible for managing the organization and planning, organizing, and implementing programs that will efficiently advance the HLB mission. The ED is expected to implement the strategic plan finalized by the Board of Directors.

    The HLB is a Connecticut nonprofit corporation. The mission of the HLB is to identify, acquire, and redevelop – directly or through partnership with government, nonprofit, and private sector partners – vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent and/or distressed properties in the City of Hartford, where such redevelopment will: improve community and economic vitality of Hartford neighborhoods; ensure long-term sustainability of impacted properties; and, enhance the quality of life for residents and businesses. HLB coordinates its activities with other community, regional or neighborhood partners that pursue objectives and goals complementary to that of HLB. The City of Hartford is a key partner and the HLB ED shall be the primary liaison to the City of Hartford.

    The HLB ED, with the support of the Board of Directors, will be responsible for executing the following: establishing a new staffing structure, managing the HLB budget and finances, securing a new office location, securing additional operating funds, establishing an annual work plan and maintaining systems and policies to ensure effective operation and accountability (i.e. Financial Management, Human Resources, Compliance, Procurement, IT).

    As new staff and systems are brought online, the ED shall delegate to staff/contractors as appropriate, but shall remain responsible for supervising/executing all activities of the HLB as it pursues its mission. The ED will be expected to work with a variety of partners to advance the mission of the HLB. As such, the ED should have knowledge of Hartford neighborhoods and be committed to working with key stakeholders (community residents, State of Connecticut, City of Hartford, founders, philanthropic partners, and developers).

    The HLB inventory primarily consists of residential real estate. However, from time to time the HLB ED may be called upon to acquire, redevelop and/or sell retail or industrial properties.

    The HLB ED must exercise strong judgment, inspire confidence, and lead the growth of the HLB. Pursuant to the mission of the HLB, the ED will operate with highest values of transparency, community-centeredness, ethics, and accountability.

    Through both programming and operations, HLB is committed to advancing racial equity and justice in the city of Hartford.  The ED will be expected to develop programs designed to increase wealth among residents of color in the city of Hartford, including homeownership opportunities.  The ED should also design and encourage development and operating opportunities that promote a high level of participation among people of color.  

    HLB’s Board of Directors especially encourages applications for the position of ED from qualified City of Hartford residents and people of color.


    The HLB ED will be responsible for all operations and programming of the organization. The ED will perform general supervision and management of the HLB and all HLB staff.

    Maintain a Strong Board of Directors

    • The HLB ED reports to the Board of Directors and must ensure all Board directives, policies, and resolutions are carried
    • The HLB ED is responsible for informing the Board, sufficient as to form and detail, to allow the Board to exercise its fiduciary
    • The HLB ED assists the Board to develop and execute a Strategic Plan, recommending adjustments as necessary and
    • The HLB ED recommends an Annual Budget and manages the HLB

    Manage the Hartford Land Bank

    The HLB ED shall perform/supervise daily HLB operations, including, but not limited to:

    • Establishing and managing the budget and
    • Maintaining the books of the HLB in accordance with established accounting practices.
    • Maintaining systems to ensure compliance with requirements of funders and investors and with the laws and regulations of the City of Hartford and State of Connecticut.
    • Maintaining an active communications program including a website, social media, newsletter, and other
    • Acquiring, insuring, maintaining, and disposing of residential, commercial, industrial, and/or other real properties,
    • Hiring, managing, and developing staff,
    • Supervising vendors and ensuring performance on contracts,
    • Liaising with and promoting the HLB to funding partners, public officials and bodies, external stakeholders, and community and redevelopment partners
    • Securing the resources, including primarily financial resources, necessary to support and advance the HLB; and
    • Any other tasks assigned by the Board incidental to the performance of this

    Manage the HLB Portfolio

    • Establish the Hartford Land Bank as the official land bank authority of the City of Hartford.
    • The HLB ED will periodically evaluate the status of the HLB portfolio and recommend adjustments to ensure that the HLB is able to efficiently acquire, stabilize and dispose of properties in adherence to HLB Policies and Strategic Plan(s).
    • The HLB ED will ensure that the HLB is protected as to its legal and fiduciary liabilities by maintaining appropriate insurance and employing competent legal counsel.
    • The HLB ED will ensure that all property under the care or control of the HLB will be maintained to preserve the value and condition of the property and properties nearby.


    The HLB ED will participate in public policy efforts to promote and strengthen land bank and blight remediation tools and techniques.

    • The HLB ED will attend conferences, professional development training, or other events as required to acquire and maintain proficiency in fulfilling the responsibilities of the
    • The HLB ED will be available to attend evening and weekend meetings to represent the HLB.


    • Knowledge of real estate markets, real estate financing mechanisms, and subsidy programs, particularly those applicable to residential redevelopment, and homeownership incentive programs.
    • Knowledge of Hartford and of
    • Knowledge of best practices for blight remediation and land-banking; experience with public policy related to these
    • Strong community or economic development experience, especially in the area of blight remediation and/or distressed property redevelopment in an urban
    • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships, particularly with regard to philanthropic organizations, community organizations in Hartford, and elected and appointed
    • Experience writing and managing grants and contracts.
    • Outstanding organizational and communication
    • Strong attention to detail, decision-making skills, and ability to manage diverse teams.


    • At least 7 years of professional experience in community development, real estate; affordable housing; economic development, or related field
    • At least 3 years of experience with a nonprofit or government/public sector organization is preferred
    • Management experience over staff, vendors and budgets
    • Experience with any/all: vacant, abandoned, and/or distressed real estate; urban planning; community revitalization; real estate development; real estate finance; zoning and land use
    • Minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or
    • Advanced degree in a community development-related field such as Law, Urban Planning, Public Policy, Public Administration, or closely related field is
    • Bilingual Spanish a plus.




    Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume no later than May 5, 2021 to info@hartfordlandbank.org. Please, no telephone calls, emails, or office visits. Principals only. All interviews will be conducted via Zoom. The HLB will offer a competitive package of non-profit salary and benefits. The HLB is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity.