Executive Director

    Rondo Community Land Trust
    March 15, 2021
    626 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN


    The Rondo Community Land Trust (Rondo CLT) is seeking an executive director in its Saint Paul, Minnesota office. The Executive Director will be an integral part of the future growth of the organization. We are seeking a person with passion who is a problem solver, who likes to explore new ideas, respects and understands the neighborhood process for guiding community and economic development. A person who will advocate for real system change to create opportunities for low- and moderate-income households and small businesses.


    • The Rondo community, along with targeted areas of Ramsey County, has an adequate supply of high quality, permanently affordable housing choices for low and moderate-income, multi-generational households as a result of the Rondo CLT.
    • The Rondo community has a growing economic and cultural diversity due to targeted commercial and residential strategies supported by Rondo CLT.


    • To strengthen and preserve communities by providing and advocating for permanently affordable, sustainable housing for families and individuals with low to moderate incomes.
    • To promote the utilization of the land trust model as a method of preserving affordable housing and economic growth and neighborhood stabilization.
    • Support and celebrate cultural diversity by providing affordable business opportunities to increase community economic wealth, property values, and jobs.


    • Be innovative by exploring various development and financing methods.
    • Adjust to market changes by remaining flexible in community revitalization approaches.
    • Collaborate with cities, county, developers, foundations, neighborhood groups, realtors, and bankers.
    • Advocate for the CLT model by promoting legislative and tax change when necessary.

    In 2020 The Rondo Community Land Trust:

    • Secured funding for additional eight units of housing for the Homebuyer Initiative Program (HIP)

    • Partnered with the City of Shoreview in the development of a seven-unit townhouse development

    • Secured funding to assist in the build-out of the final commercial space in the Selby Milton Victoria Project

    • Created a policy paper on how the Selby Milton Victoria commercial land trust project was developed, financed and lessons learned to help other communities who are interested in creating affordable longterm commercial space.

    • Worked with Minnesota House Research staff in crafting a property tax bill that will make owning a land trust home in Minnesota more affordable. 


    Rondo Community Land Trust (Rondo CLT) is a community-based affordable housing land trust working in Ramsey County. Rondo CLT serves households with incomes at or below 80% of the area median. Development activities include acquisition and new construction of affordable housing that is sold/rented as land trust housing. Rondo CLT is active in community development, research, and policy initiatives. Rondo CLT was initiated in 1989 by a resident task force and the Summit-University Planning Council in St. Paul. At that time, a concerned group of neighbors gathered to explore successful methods of permanently preserving affordable housing for future generations. In 1993 Rondo CLT was incorporated. Rondo CLT expanded its service area to all of St. Paul in 2002 and to suburban Ramsey County in 2008. Rondo CLT is the first community-based urban land trust in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and developed its own model to create and preserve long-term affordable housing using a renewable 99-year Ground Lease. Rondo CLT also works to promote the land trust model to groups and organizations as an option for affordable housing preservation. In 2014, Rondo CLT became more actively involved in supporting the economic vitality of the Rondo neighborhood. For 26 years, Rondo CLT has dedicated efforts to creating affordable housing and economic development opportunities in Ramsey County, working passionately to engage the community in its work maintaining long term affordable residential and commercial opportunities. Rondo CLT also developed the first commercial land trust in Minnesota that provides affordable commercial space for small businesses along with affordable senior rental housing. Rondo CLT has an annual operating budget of $198,684.00 (FY'20), with investment in land and buildings valued at $3,201,970.00.


    Housing and Development Production/Programs: Rondo CLT's current development programs include: The Shoreview Pilot Project, The Right to Return to Rondo Pilot Project, The Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP) and the Foreclosure Prevention Program.

    Collaborations, Partnerships, and Advocacy: Rondo CLT is a member of National Low-Income Housing Coalition, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Minnesota Coalition of Community Land Trusts, and Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers. Currently, Rondo CLT partners with the Summit-University Planning Council, Selby Avenue businesses, and the Center for Energy and the Environment to administer $312,000 in Commercial Vitality Zone (CVZ) grant funds. We continue our long-term partnerships with Neighborhood Development Alliance, the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County, the City of Shoreview, and Dayton's Bluff NHS.

    Community Education and Public Outreach: Rondo CLT promotes the housing and commercial land trust projects with presentations to neighborhood organizations, policy makers, foundations, and local area churches. Prospective homebuyers attend orientations to learn more about how the trust works and how to start the home buying process.


    The Executive Director is a visionary leader who works with the Board of Directors to carry out the organization's mission and goals. The Executive Director provides organizational leadership and is responsible for the strategic planning, implementation, and ultimately the operational results of the organization. The Executive Director has the primary responsibility for obtaining funding and financial support, for assuring the highest quality of services, for managing financial budgets and operational results, and for representing the Rondo Community Land Trust in the communities it serves. This executive is a passionate advocate for preserving affordable housing and community-based economic development. They are a respected leader in an organization serving low-to-moderate income households, and promoting economic and cultural diversity in our communities with advocacy, education, and related services.


    The Executive Director responsibilities will include a combination of program activity, housing development, construction management, community 'outreach, leaseholder services, and organizational administration.


    • Provide support to the Board of Directors and Committees, in particular; Executive Committee, Outreach Committee and Construction and Development Committee.
    • Work with the Board on setting organizational goals, program evaluation and problem solving.
    • Maintain open communication with Board and cultivate new Board members.


    • Assist with financial management of the organization.
    • Assist with development and monitoring of annual operating budget.
    • Ensure financial management systems are appropriate and effective.
    • Directly supervise the Housing Program Manager.

    Project and Program Management

    • Administer the Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP), a land trust housing program for home owners.
    • Construction management, oversee construction management.
    • Coordinate sales and re-sales of land trust homes.
    • Complete reports and updates for funders and Board.

    Grant Writing and Fundraising

    • Assemble and submit funding applications for HOME, Federal Home Loan Bank, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and other eligible funding programs for housing.
    • Implement the "Individual Giving" Campaign and other fundraising plans such as special events and membership drives.
    • Research public, private and individual funding opportunities, and cultivate new donors

    Advocacy and Outreach

    • Promote Rondo CLT in the neighborhood and region.
    • Form partnerships with neighborhood residents, churches, associations, lenders, other non-profits, and City Council, etc.
    • Oversee and assist in the development of marketing materials.
    • Oversee and assist in preparing and distributing news releases.
    • Provide timely information to inquirers and supporters.


    • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors


    Education and Experience:

    • • A passion for working with diverse communities in preserving affordable housing and increasing economic development.
    • Demonstrated interest in serving low-moderate-income communities and experience working with persons of diverse economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
    • Knowledge of the history of the Rondo community a plus.
    • Candidates must have at least five years of experience in housing development, housing finance, real estate, program management, and/or fundraising.
    • Bachelor's degree preferred.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Experience in construction and/or project management.
    • Demonstrated success in fundraising, including implementing financial plans, working with private foundations and corporations, grant writing, and relationship building with funders from both public and private sectors.
    • Strong management skills and supervisory experience.
    • Significant experience in financial oversight and reporting. Preparation of project pro formas, and development budgets a plus.

    Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Ability to innovate and develop creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the community.
    • Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.
    • Knowledge of organizational structure, workflow, and operating procedures, and an ability to endorse and manage organizational change.
    • Experience and skill communicating with a Board of Directors.
    • Experience working with external stakeholders including elected officials, community members, partner organizations, and media contacts. . -
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire the trust and confidence of the organization, public, and constituent communities.
    • Knowledge of federal, state, and city housing policy and funding programs
    • Experience in the political environment, legislation, and the legislative process.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in affordable housing policy and programs
    • Experience negotiating agreements and managing complex land and housing transaction projects from start to finish, sometimes in political environments.
    • Highly organized and able to effectively prioritize and balance multiple projects and issues, and adept at assisting team members with these skills.
    • High degree of integrity and professionalism.


    Rondo CLT offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. The salary range for the Executive Director position is $68,000 - $85,000. Benefits include health and dental insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation and deferred compensation plan.

    Additional Info: For further information on the Rondo Community Land Trust, please visit https://rondoclt.org/

    How to Apply

    If interested, please forward cover letter and resume to Charles Bradley, Search Committee Chair at bradley.cr@gmail.com and include in the subject line: Rondo Community Land Trust Executive Director Search. Or, mail to: Rondo Community Land Trust, 626 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104. Position is open until filled.

    Rondo Community Land Trust is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. Rondo CLT provides equal opportunity to all applicants for employment in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and will not refuse to hire any qualified individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual by reason of an employee's race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, familial status, status with regard to public assistance, or any other characteristic protected by law.