Asset Manager

    The Planning Office for Urban Affairs
    April 23, 2019


    Asset Manager

    The Planning Office for Urban Affairs (POUA, the Planning Office) seeks an Asset Manager to join our committed and dedicated staff. POUA was created by the Archdiocese of Boston, in 1969 as a separate 501(c)(3) organization to serve as a catalyst for social justice through its work in housing development, neighborhood revitalization, and affordable housing advocacy. Today, nearly 50 years and 3,000 units of housing later, the Planning Office remains firmly rooted in its mission to create vibrant communities, and work for social justice on behalf of all those who are housing deprived.

    The Organization and Its Activities
    The Planning Office has developed nearly 3,000 units of elderly, family, mixed income and special needs housing, channeling approximately $617 million of investment into developments throughout metropolitan Boston, and currently has several additional properties under active development. Over the past several years, we have completed or made significant progress on key developments in Haverhill, Hanover, Brockton, downtown Boston, and the Boston neighborhoods of Dorchester and Mattapan.

    Our developments focus on the creation of strong communities where people of economic, racial and ethnic diversity can live with dignity and respect, and are designed to respond to the needs of both our residents and the particular communities in which we build. In some cases, we have redeveloped former church-related properties; in other cases, we have responded to requests from communities, service agencies, or local governments. We have developed rental and ownership housing, and work with several property management companies to ensure effective operation of the properties that we develop.

    Our newest work includes: developing a $68 million urban mixed-use, mixed-income project in Haverhill that includes residential, office, retail and educational components; developing housing for the homeless and very low income households at a key location in downtown Boston; developing a new residential community along the Fairmount line in Mattapan; and creating the first safe house in the City of Boston for victims of human trafficking. In undertaking this work, we have formed partnerships with such groups as the Greater Haverhill Foundation, St. Francis House, Caribbean Integration Community Development, and Casa Myna Vasquez/The Eva Center. We have also worked with St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children and the Pine Street Inn, among other partners.

    The Planning Office is led by experienced affordable housing leaders, who participate in and lead local and national advocacy efforts to increase affordable housing resources, avoid foreclosures, and address homelessness. Our board of trustees, appointed by the Cardinal, works together with our President to govern our financially strong and growing organization.

    Asset Management at the Planning Office
    The Planning Office seeks an Asset Manager that is committed to high quality affordable housing and financially sound property operations. We strive for excellence, are dedicated to providing safe, quality homes to our residents, and take proactive steps to preserve our growing and diverse portfolio of nearly 1,000 units under active asset management, with another 500+ at various stages of development.

    The Planning Office team is effective, shares expertise, assists staff members to solve problems, and encourages professional expansion. The Asset Manager will report to the Chief Operating Officer and, as part of the team, will work with other staff as may be required.

    The Asset Manager’s Duties and Responsibilities
    Asset management at the Planning Office will include implementing POUA’s asset management strategies, establishing protocols for properties, setting performance benchmarks, and developing plans for corrective actions. It will require robust third party management oversight through comprehensive financial review, budget and capital approvals, and the facilitation of close working relationships with our property management companies and community and equity partners to ensure optimum property performance and a high quality affordable housing experience. The Asset Manager will consult with the Chief Operating Officer to determine and measure property goals and outcomes. They will collaborate with the Real Estate Team and Finance Department to identify the maturity of property debt and refinance and capital needs.

    Tasks will include:
    • Coordinate and properly integrate all properties into the Integratec platform
    • Review and analyze monthly reports and financial statements
    • Establish property protocols regarding a wide variety of issues beyond financial performance, such as how buildings present to the street; cleanliness, landscaping and seasonal presence; efforts to activate the streetscape; integration with the surrounding community by widely marketing access to POUA’s community spaces; regular programming in the community spaces for residents of POUA’s buildings by our management agents
    • Identify key property issues, performance benchmarks, and any areas of risk or future vulnerabilities
    • Conduct monthly calls/meetings with property managers to review operations, financial statements, key issues, and develop action plans
    • Trend property performance within the context of other properties, future property projections, and past performance
    • Monitor property reserves, deposits, and manage requests for releases and required consents
    • Conduct property inspections to review physical conditions, curb appeal, preventive maintenance, and capital needs
    • Review and approve annual operating budgets prepared by third party property managers against performance benchmarks, income and expense changes, and ownership’s long-term asset management goals
    • Ensure that all reporting and compliance requirements are met and that reports are submitted in a timely manor
    • Work with POUA staff on resident services and program initiatives, and
    • Perform other duties and responsibilities upon request.

    Our Ideal Candidate will bring fiscal oversight experience, familiarity with property management, good judgment, and resourceful problem-solving skills. They will be an independent thinker who is adept at collaboration and committed to the Planning Office’s mission of excellence.

    The Asset Manager will possess many of the following skills and qualifications:

    • Financial competency, including comfort with budgets and financial statements
    • Knowledge of and experience with lending, property management, real estate development, and/or accounting
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong technology skills, including competence with Microsoft Office and Excel
    • 3 to 5 years of professional experience in a related field
    • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in experience
    • Demonstrated good judgment and independent decision making abilities
    • A high degree of professionalism
    • Demonstrated ability to take initiative, suggest new ideas, and move tasks forward
    • Familiarity with local, state, and federal affordable housing finance programs and requirements preferred, and
    • Knowledge of Integratec a plus but not a requirement.

    The Selection Process
    Please submit a cover letter detailing your interest and your qualifications for this position, along with a resume to:

    No phone calls or letters please.

    Applications will be reviewed and acknowledged as they are received. The Planning Office for Urban Affairs seeks to fill this position by early summer of 2019.

    Planning Office for Urban Affairs is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We encourage applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures.