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Nov/Dec 1995

Issue #84

20 Years of Shelterforce: While the past 20 years have borne the erosion of community, it has also been a time of growth and learning within the housing and community development movement. Those of us in the community building business share a vision and a commitment to re-weaving the fabric of community in cities and suburbs alike.

Community Development Field

Community: Our Priority for the Next 20 Years

In 1975, when we published the first Shelterforce, a housing movement was growing amidst a culture of community organizing and protest. An optimistic Shelterforce Collective shared a vision of the […]

Community Development Field

SHELTERFORCE – A Road Map and A Vehicle

In looking through the first four issues of Shelterforce from 1975-1976, flashes of myself, my work, and The Shelterforce Collective hit me. I remembered typing the articles in columns on […]


Organizing the New Tenants Movement

During the past year, the tenants’ movement has suffered major setbacks. Landlords in California and Massachusetts, once strongholds of tenant activism, succeeded in wiping out rent controls. In New York […]


Shelterforce Interviews Two CRA Veterans

CRA – Taking It To the Next Step The success of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has been significant. Thanks to the CRA, community groups have negotiated agreements with banks, […]


Fighting the End of the Year Budget Blues

Thankfully, the legislative year is finally winding down, although much business remains. As of this writing, we still do not have a budget bill, a HUD appropriations bill, or a […]

Organizing Strategy

Building A Power Base

The first and most important battle organizers face is working with members to build an independent power base. Building an organization, and forcing a target to deal with your organization, […]


NHI Activities

In the November 25, 1995, New York Times, board member Peter Dreier challenges the banking industry’s attempts to gut the Community Reinvestment Act. “The banking industry’s short sighted attack on […]


Shelter Shorts

Landlord Tastes Own Medicine Newark landlord George Williams recently suffered a fate similar to that of Joe Pesci’s character in the movie The Super, in which a judge orders Pesci […]