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Spring 2012

Issue #169


Are Our Neighborhoods Making Us Sick? This issue examines the idea that our ZIP code determines our health and life expectancy, with an author roundtable featuring Philip Tegeler, Sister Lillian Murphy, and Mindy Fullilove. Also, articles on philanthropy and healthy housing, the role of ill health in foreclosures, and an interview with Sen. Robert Menendez.


Health and Community Development Resources

If you want to explore the intersection of health and
community development further, here are some places to start.


Prescription for a New Neighborhood

Housing mobility can complement community revitalization for children with serious health challenges. 

Editor’s Note

Don’t Dump on Us

If it were not acceptable for anyone to suffer from substandard housing or the problems of disinvested neighborhoods, then many of the public health issues facing us would be automatically reduced.


Q: Did the housing crisis prove low-income people can’t be successful homeowners?

No! Two at-scale, long-term lending programs show that if the process is done right, low-income homeowners can be as successful as prime borrowers–or more.

Community Development Field

Better Together

The community development and health sectors can and should work together to reduce health disparities and improve everyone’s health.


Housing First

The conventional approach to homelessness starts with services. But starting with permanent housing instead
costs less and works better.


Foreclosing on Our Health?

In a dangerous cycle, medical bills are a common cause of foreclosure—and the stress and financial crisis of foreclosure causes an increase in serious health problems.


Taking Health Into Account

By systematically assessing the health risks of development decisions upfront, health impact assessments can prevent
costly and harmful mistakes.


Author Roundtable

Shelterforce authors discuss the roles of place, mobility, and displacement on health and neighborhoods.


Interview with Senator Robert Menendez

Shelterforce talks with Sen. Robert Menendez about the ongoing federal response to the housing crisis, the Sustainable Communities Initiative, the Occupy movement, and more.


Community Development Finance in Perspective

Credit Unions, Community Development Finance, and the Great Recession, Clifford Rosenthal, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco working paper, February 2012.


House America Bond Might Not Address Long-term Issues

“A House America Bond for State Housing Finance Agencies: More Affordable Housing for Low- and Moderate-Income Households,” Jordan Eizenga, Center for American Progress, March 2012.


The Intersection of Health Philanthropy and Housing

Health philanthropy and community development have historically worked on separate tracks. That’s changing. 


Healthy Yards with Youth in Charge

The Worcester, Mass., Toxic Soil Busters co-op shows improving a neighborhood’s health doesn’t have to be limited to experts and outsiders. 


California’s New Environmental Movement

How communities of color, using health and jobs as rallying cries, took on Big Oil — and won!


Unsorting Our Cities

To improve the health of residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods, we have to address inequality, not medical care.


Putting ‘Silent Pickpockets’ on Notice

Discriminatory lending practices are a “silent pickpocket” skulking among unsuspecting borrowers, said Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s annual conference in […]


Urban Reprise

Cities are growing again, with young people increasingly interested in moving to more walkable communities. And it’s not just traditionally hot market cities that are gaining. Newark, New Jersey, for […]


Florida Flipper Nabbed in Cleveland

The head of a sham financial corporation was arrested late last year for illegally flipping hundreds of homes in several Ohio counties, including Cuyahoga County, home to Cleveland and noted […]

Organizing Strategy

Big Island Organizing

An organizing drive in Hawaii has forced the hand of America’s largest bank, achieving a breakthrough that has slashed foreclosures.


Healthy by Design

Can America’s most populous county design its way to better physical health and lower obesity rates? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave Los Angeles County $16 million in […]


Advocacy Proposal or Call to Do Nothing Some More?

Sharing the Pain and Gain in the Housing Market: How Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Can Prevent Foreclosures and Protect Taxpayers by Combining Principal Reductions with “Shared Appreciation,” John Griffith and Jordan Eizenga, Center for American Progress, March 2012.


A New Way to Explore Participatory Action Research

Research for Organizing Toolkit, a web-based tool by Alexa Kasdan, Lindsay Cattell, and Rosten Woo for the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center, 2012.