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Jul/Aug 2004

Issue #136

Articles in this issue explore the human and political consequences of a public policy that rewards the rich, punishes the poor, and makes “opportunity for all” an empty phrase.


The Fight for Equality in Mississippi’s Delta Schools Continues

For many of today’s young people, the civil rights movement has been relegated to America’s mythic past. Though they celebrate the toppling of segregation’s legal structures, few born after the […]


Section 8 Homeownership Program

For more than a decade, all that Tanya Anderson could do to spiff up her eat-in kitchen was to plant two plastic yellow roses on the dining table. However hard […]


The Real Jobs-Housing Mismatch

There is a fundamental disconnect between the rate at which the incomes of low-income households are growing and the rate at which rents are escalating. For millions of renters, there […]


Building Stronger Communities Through Mediation

Barbara* thought she would never get peace and quiet. Her job as a baker requires that she wake up at 4 a.m. She had, on numerous occasions, called the police […]

Editor’s Note

Human and Political Consequences

Not that long ago, Congress decided that, if times got tough financially, some hard decisions would have to be made. If a federal program were to expand or a new […]


Shelter Shorts

Honey, I Shrunk the Bank The four federal bank regulatory agencies have proposed changing the definition of a “small bank” from one with assets of up to $250 million, to […]

Organizing Strategy

No Place for Us

The low-income students living in Irvine Meadows West, a historic trailer park at the University of California, Irvine, received more than a liberal arts education. They received an education in […]


The Effects of Elections on Fundraising

While many people debate the effect of fundraising on an election – who gives the money, how much money any person or corporation should be able to give, what kind […]


The Rules of Engagement

A Voice for Nonprofits, by Jeffrey M. Berry with David F. Arons. Brookings Institution Press, 2003. 210 pp. $26.95 (hardcover). Jeffrey M. Berry and David F. Arons strongly believe that […]


Tanya Wolfram

Change is all around us. People change, times change. The community development work we do is geared to effect change – in politics and business, the quality of someone’s life, […]