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May/Jun 2001

Issue #117

Neighborhood Change

Tales of Three Cities

Even after neighboring Hoboken turned from working-class enclave to exclusive high-cost outpost, some think that will never happen to Newark…


The Price is Wrong

Imagine a vacant, boarded-up shell of a house at auction. The local community development corporation is bidding, though it has calculated that even if the price were zero, substantial subsidies […]


Rent Control in the New Millennium

During the 1970s and early 1980s, the fight for rent control galvanized tenant organizing. That era’s economic and political context made rent control timely and attainable on a number of […]


The Decontrol Blues

“In our building we are like family now. We all work to support our families. All of us had to take a step forward and say enough is enough,” says […]


Stepping in the Spirit of the March

In just a little over five years, Women in Support of the Million Man March (WISOMMM) has become a force for social change and community development in the greater Newark, […]

Politics and Markets

On May 29, The Washington Post reported that in England, even the most conservative major party supports national healthcare, subsidized higher education and income supports for all families with children. […]

Shelter Shorts

Shelter Shorts

Home Sweet Cell??   Critics of the United States’s rapid growth in prison population have often quipped that our only housing production program for the poor is prison building. But […]

Organizing Strategy

Don’t Start Small

It’s often said that organizers should begin with easily attainable goals to bolster their group’s confidence. But Caroline Murray, executive director of the Anti-Displacement Project (ADP) in Massachusetts, calls that […]


The Three Types of Donations, and How to Use Them

Many grassroots organizations want to buy their own building, open an endowment or raise more program money from major donors. Projects like these represent three different kinds of organizational needs, […]


Bush Proposes Funding Cuts for Community Economic Development

The community economic development industry faces elimination of several programs and cuts to numerous others in the proposed spending plan presented by George W. Bush on Monday, April 9, 2001. […]


Refundable Child Tax Credit Passes Congress

The otherwise thoroughly regressive tax legislation passed by Congress May 28th includes a significant silver lining – a partially refundable child credit for low-income families. For three months, grassroots members […]

Weaving Storytelling and Theory

Renewing Hope Within Neighborhoods of Despair, by Herbert J. Rubin. State University of New York Press, Albany, NY. 2000. 280 pp. Herbert Rubin, a sociology professor from Northern Illinois University, […]

Timeline: A History of Community Development Policy in America

Timeline: A History of Community Development Policy in America, from Development Training Institute. 2001. 90 minutes. $39.95 410-338-2512; [email protected]. Capturing the dynamism and influence of the community development movement on […]