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Jan/Feb 2001

Issue #115

Focus on Faith-Based Initiatives

Faith-based organizations are being called on to do more than ever, but the kind of progressive activism needed to fight poverty and injustice will never be funded by a Bush administration. It is up to us to move beyond the myths our authors dispel lest our nightmares become reality.

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Faith and Justice

Contrary to what many may think, religion is alive and well in America—and a good deal of what it says and does is strikingly progressive.

Community Development Field

Black Churches, Community, and Development

Black churches have figured prominently in African-American community development for more than two centuries.

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Not By Faith Alone

Some religious institutions may be jumping into community development without fully comprehending the political, financial, or organizational implications.

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Just Another Form of Ministry (Houston’s College of Biblical Studies)

In 1998, CBS offered a survey class in community development. It had the highest enrollment of any class at the college.

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Building Democracy (Faith-Based Community Organizing)

IAF’s work in the Southwest encompasses 22 faith-based organizations across Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, and southern California.


We Can’t Be Pegged

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, a funder of community organizing, defies right and left stereotypes to focus on justice.

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(Un)Charitable Choices?

When FBOs partner with state and local governments, do they compromise their capacity not only to advocate for families, but for truth-telling on a larger scale?

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Faith Based Directory

Under the new administration, faith-based groups are going to be asked to play an increasing role in solving social ills and building sustainable communities. The organizations listed below can help […]

Editor’s Note

Dispelling Myths, Offering Thanks, and Saying Goodbye

Although this issue’s focus is at the top of the news, we honestly didn’t know who would be in the White House today when we began planning this issue. But, […]


Shelter Shorts

Debunking the Property Values Myth – Again!   Hear ye, hear ye. Low-income housing does not drag down nearby property values – at least not in St. Paul and Minneapolis. […]


Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Massachusetts has one of the nation’s worst housing cost problems. Its rents and home prices have risen at one of the steepest rates in the country in recent years, due […]

Community Development Field

Raising Money from Religious Institutions

Although religious institutions use most of the money they raise to pay for their own programs, organized religion is also a major source of funds for secular nonprofits.


The New HUD Secretary

After his swearing-in as HUD secretary, Mel Martinez vowed to address the needs of minorities, the elderly, and working families.


Homeownership Tax Credits

Congress is likely to enact some kind of homeownership tax credit, perhaps as early as this year. Given Bush’s agenda, it may be a very regressive one.