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Jan/Feb 2000

Issue #109

Arts & Culture

Arts Build Community

CDCs now recognize that art and cultural activities can be useful tools toward building a community’s identity, meaning, and spirit. But bank regulators have not yet reached a sufficient level of comfort with this new strategy.


Predatory Lending: Subprime Lenders trick homeowners into expensive loans.

Laid off after 29 years of working for a local telephone company in North Carolina, “Roberta Green” was struggling. Although she had a part-time job driving a school bus, she […]


Housing the Poor and Vulnerable Elderly

Owners and administrators of government-subsidized rental housing are acutely aware of their older tenants’ changing profile. More than ever, seniors in today’s affordable housing are likely to be in their […]


New Codes for Old Buildings

Rehabilitating old buildings in New Jersey used to be uncertain business. Depending on how much you spent compared to the building’s value, you had to meet the standards for new […]

New Challenges for Community Builders

As we go to press, the federal budget, including the HUD budget for fiscal year 2001, has just been released. The HUD budget, while far from what the millions of […]

Shelter Shorts

Shelter Shorts

Housing Crisis Hurts Student Achievement Affordable housing advocates have long argued that effects of the affordable housing crisis extend well beyond low-income people’s day-to-day struggle to pay rent. Now perhaps […]


Raising Money for Progressive Arts and Culture Organizations

Discussions about the difficulty of raising money for certain issues are generally started by people who feel sorry for themselves. Nevertheless, progressive arts and culture organizations face challenges that can […]

Organizing Strategy

Tenant Organizing Wins One-for-One Replacement

In 1996, a small group of highly organized residents of North Beach public housing in San Francisco began to raise questions about the fate of their homes, due to be […]

Civil Society and Democracy at Crossroads

A Place for Us: How To Make Society Civil and Democracy Strong by Benjamin Barber. Hill and Wang, 1998. 172 pp. Between the two great domains of power in the […]

Changing Rules of Regional Development?

Inside Game/Outside Game: Winning Strategies for Urban America, by David Rusk. Brookings Institution Press, 1999. 384 pp. David Rusk’s book, Inside Game/Outside Game, is a welcome antidote to the often […]


Housing and Community Development Campaign 2000

Decent affordable housing in healthy communities for all Americans is just as essential for our nation’s social and economic well-being as are affordable health care and high-quality education. Yet none […]


HUD Budget Request

President Clinton’s fiscal year 2001 (FY01) budget request submitted to Congress February 7 seeks increases for HUD programs in general. In a recent Memo to Members, National Low Income Housing […]