Housing matters. A stable, quality, affordable home is a foundation for so many other parts of life. How do we bring it in reach for everyone?

Tenant Jujitsu: Renters Fight Back in San Francisco, And Win

Shelterforce, as many of you know, began as a tenant organizing newspaper. Though we've evolved to cover a much...

Effects Matter: Disparate Impact Standard for Fair Housing Ratified

Fair housing advocates celebrated a major milestone last month when HUD issued final regulations ratifying that “disparate impact analysis” can...

Alaska’s Pebble Mine Vote the Same Old Catch-22: Jobs or Environment

Much attention has been on Alaska politics lately thanks to John McCain’s choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, not...

HAFA Changes Could Expand Short Sales that Keep Borrowers in Their Homes

Short sales are gaining traction as homeowners, real estate agents, servicers, and the GSEs have become more comfortable with the...

A Land Trust Q&A

Tracy Parent, the organizational director of the San Francisco Community Land Trust, was kind enough to answer some questions I had about SFCLT's work...

Serving Those Who Served

Community organizations, including some that are not veteran-specific, are figuring out how best to reach and serve an increasing number of veterans in need.

In From the Margins

Well well well — Wall Street goes into the dumper after years of “free market” worship and Congress and newspapers and all begin fumbling...

The Wave that Follows The Atlantic

When The Atlantic dropped Hanna Rosin’s story linking Section 8 housing with increases in violent crime in Memphis neighborhoods, the ripple effect went well...
View of people on a sidewalk from inside a restaurant.

A Critical Piece of the Mixed Income Puzzle

So, what kind of neighbor are you? When last did you take a true risk to establish a meaningful connection with someone with a very...

A New Way to Diffuse NIMBYism?

Proposals for affordable housing developments elicit predictable opposition, summed up in the familiar acronym,  NIMBY—Not In My Back Yard—is...

Effective Housing Reform Includes Loan Forgiveness

In April, when Ed DeMarco, the acting director of the FHFA, offered consummately ambiguous remarks during a Brookings Institute event,...

Public Lands in the Community’s Hands

Last month, PODER (People Organized to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights) achieved another victory in the fight for a more...
The towering Co-op City in the Bronx, New York, the largest cooperative housing development in the world.

The 30 Percent Rent-to-Income Ratio Doesn’t Add Up in NYC

The 30 percent standard only ‘works’ in calculations where it is irrelevant. The residual-income approach, on the other hand, can turn what all too often becomes an abstract and theoretical discussion into a series of researchable questions.
A four-person family stands in a maze leading to a house. Around the maze are various answers to the question "Why doesn't the market produce enough affordable housing?" Image links to a pdf version.

Q: Why doesn’t the market produce enough affordable housing where people want it?

A: The market is supposed to meet demand, but the importance of location, location, location, plus other factors, keep this from working for affordable housing.

Habitat Gets Into Marin

Just three years ago, Marin county residents were busy raising money for a legal fight to stop Habitat for Humanity from building four homes...
A black and white map of a zoning plan for the city of San Diego.

Making It Easier to Build Won’t Generate Affordable Units

It is often convenient to blame city planners for the affordable housing crisis. Sadly, this blame is often misguided because planners do not produce housing.

In the Delta, Homeownership Strategies Need Innovation

Earlier this month, the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for...

Addressing Social Segregation in Mixed-Income Communities

In some newly created mixed-income, mixed-race communities, we are witnessing “diversity segregation,” where people of different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and incomes live next to one another but not alongside one another.

Using the Wrong Tools to Build Affordable Housing

Along with most Rooflines readers, I believe that having some portion of a community’s housing as long term or permanently affordable is a desirable...
Michael Bodaken

Interview with Michael Bodaken, retiring director of the National Housing Trust

Shelterforce took the occasion of Michael Bodaken's retiring from the National Housing Trust to speak with him about how he got into housing, some of his favorite projects, and his recommendations for the field going forward.