Housing matters. A stable, quality, affordable home is a foundation for so many other parts of life. How do we bring it in reach for everyone?

Pine Point Apartments in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, is a 67-unit unrestricted property that is improving access to opportunity for low-income families.

Getting Affordable Housing Near Good Schools

A new housing acquisition model is focusing on a specific criteria to increase access to opportunity for very low-income families.

Massachusetts’s Affordable Housing Law

As crucial elections take place around the country today, we’ll be watching the outcome of Massachusetts’s ballot question #2, which, if passed, would eliminate...

Partnership Potential: Land Banks and Community Land Trusts

In October 2011 a coalition of Philadelphia-based community, faith, and labor groups under the umbrella of the Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land, the...

Collective Efficacy: Who’s in the Collective?

Kari Lydersen’s post on the challenges of mixed-income communities yesterday reminded me of some things I’d wanted to bring up...
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Hey YIMBYs, Thanks for Listening

The path to winning a pro-equity, pro-growth majority involves more (not less) investment in fighting displacement.
In purple chalk, it says "Housing is a Human Right."

Housing Solutions—Centering Community in Ownership, Control, and Long-Term Affordability

How is community control of housing realized? We explore different community ownership structures, how tenants form a cooperative, and how larger housing nonprofits can incorporate residents into decision-making.

Donovan Touts Administration’s Housing Policies, Though Acknowledges “Daunting Set of Challenges”

WASHINGTON — Addressing a crowd of low income housing advocates, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan promoted the Obama administration’s housing policy here, but acknowledged that...

Living the TOD Lifestyle in Denver: Growing Transit and Affordable Housing

A consequence of huge transit expansions is that nearby rentals and other housing tend to escalate in cost, and lower income residents—who may have...
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A Case of Construction Eviction in Queens

How tenant and rent protections failed the residents of eight rent-stabilized buildings in Queens.
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Say It Loud: Renters’ Rights are Civil Rights!

Private developers and public agencies are finally investing in neighborhoods near transit and jobs—where many low-income communities of color have lived for generations—and as a result, are being pushed out just as resources in their neighborhoods are increasing.

Preserving Boston’s Triple-Deckers

Boston’s 9,000 three-family, or “triple-decker,” houses are trademarks of the city’s housing stock and have long provided shelter to the city’s working class and...

What Determines Opportunity? (Hint: It’s Not One’s Bootstraps)

It’s the rare occasion when a significant social challenge is raised up in rigorous economic research and almost instantly answered...
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Shared-Equity Homeownership With No Public Subsidy

What if the future of shared equity homeownership was not dependent on government subsidies? Vivacité - Société immobilière solidaire, a Quebec-based non-profit organization, designed a shared equity program based on a social economy model that leverages impact investors to ensure perpetual affordability and scales its impact.
The towering Co-op City in the Bronx, New York, the largest cooperative housing development in the world.

Bronx By Design: Why Beauty Matters

Great public buildings were once the centerpieces of their communities: they inspired, conferred a sense of dignity on the neighborhood and sent a message...

The Bloomberg Housing Legacy in New York City: What’s Really Affordable?

New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg is in his last year of his third term in office. One of the...

Chicago Sheriff Stands up for Renters

Losing a home to foreclosure is a nightmare, causing at least one person — Carlene Balderrama of Massachusetts — to commit suicide in recent...

If Affordable Housing Were Stylish Would We Build More of It?

In response to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's new housing plan goal of 200,000 units “created or preserved,” Justin...
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We Need State Law that Allows Multifamily Housing

The New Jersey Legislature should seriously consider adopting a statewide law that defines “single family” zoning as permitting one or two units on one lot.

Foreclosure Mitigation Plans Need Work and Need Work Now

The Congressional Oversight Panel assembled a year ago when TARP was enacted in order to review the regulatory system and financial markets offered a...

An Unfinished Agenda

Why it's time for fair housing and community development to reunite to fight the vestiges of segregation.

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