Housing matters. A stable, quality, affordable home is a foundation for so many other parts of life. How do we bring it in reach for everyone?

An exterior view of a rowhouse in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania that appears to have some water damage.

Rowhouse Repairs for Health in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, health care professionals and housing advocates are working together to deliver home repairs to low-income homeowners.

Shared Equity for the Rich?

One of the common arguments from those who are skeptical of shared-equity homeownership is that it's unfair to ask low-income...

Pandemic Leads to Early Prisoner Release, But Finding Housing for Them Remains Difficult

As the infection rate at jails in places like New York began to climb, officials started looking for criteria to use in determining which inmates could be released. Then they ran into a familiar but now heightened dilemma.

It’s All FHA’s Fault!

While we're used to seeing articles that blame the homeowner for some part of the housing crisis, some of the...

What are your thoughts on proposed changes to HARP to help out underwater borrowers?

Last week, we asked readers “What are your thoughts on proposed changes to HARP to help out underwater borrowers?” Here’s how you responded: You said: “While...
supporters of ban income bias bill

Section 8 Allowed

Early research shows that laws prohibiting discrimination based on source of income may improve outcomes for Housing Choice Voucher holders.

Is Austin About to Make it Easier for Affordable Housing to Get Built?

If this proposal passes, Austin will make it much easier for developers to build affordable housing. How much will be lost if it doesn't?

FHA’s Delicate Balancing Act

The FHA’s recent financial report card to Congress indicating that the agency may need to turn to the US Treasury...
Key in a lock

These Changes to Tax Credit Criteria Are Breaking Up Concentrated Poverty

A recent examination by New Jersey Future has found that strategic changes in the way federal funds are allocated for affordable housing in the state have meant that many more affordable housing projects have been directed away from high-poverty neighborhoods and toward areas that offer greater economic opportunity.

Justice in Delaware, Revisited

The following is an update to a 2012 Rooflines piece by Van Temple about the struggle of a mobile...
View of people on a sidewalk from inside a restaurant.

A Critical Piece of the Mixed Income Puzzle

So, what kind of neighbor are you? When last did you take a true risk to establish a meaningful connection with someone with a very...

Shared Equity Homeownership

This breakthrough study on shared equity homeownership—limited equity co-ops, community land trusts, and inclusionary units—examines the benefits of these models within a sectoral framework to redefine the housing ladder.

Gentrification Keeps Trying to Improve its Image

The latest report on gentrification in American cities is also the latest to try to give it a decent name. The new study says...

Canada Is Looking Better and Better (The Regent Park Story)

High-density public housing may seem like an idea whose time has come and gone, buried along with the ruins of notorious projects like St....

The “Both/And” of the Housing Debate

Paul Krugman, the darling of progressive policymakers in the U.S., weighed in on the urban housing question recently, coming...

Manufacturing May Be Coming Back, But It Won’t Bring Jobs

I finally got to see Detropia last week, the acclaimed documentary filmed in Detroit that’s been making the rounds...

Yes They Can. And They Bloody Well Did

As you watch the games of the XXX Olympiad, you should know that something extraordinary has been happening in a low-income neighborhood near the...
housing justice for all rally

What the Fight for Universal Rent Control in New York Can Learn from Prop...

Voters have set up an unprecedented fight between progressive housing groups and real estate interests. It will be a brutal fight. For proof of this, housing advocates in New York need only to look at California.

Transportation and Fair Housing Part 1: We Need a Better Measure of Opportunity

Factoring in costs that tend to be lower in urban high-poverty neighborhoods, but not costs that tend to be higher there makes the H+T Index unsuitable as a tool for locating low-income housing.

An Opportunity to Talk About the Foreclosure Crisis

As the Republican presidential candidates debate the moral legitimacy of venture capital strategies, and the Occupy movement continues to challenge...