Housing matters. A stable, quality, affordable home is a foundation for so many other parts of life. How do we bring it in reach for everyone?

“Political Lift”: An Interview with Rep. Keith Ellison

As we head into the election home stretch, pieces of Rep. Keith Ellison's interview with Shelterforce in our latest issue keep coming to mind. Ellison...

In Pursuit of a “Both/And” Housing Policy–The Case of Housing Choice Vouchers

Readers of Shelterforce are accustomed to seeing commentary about the perceived tension between community development and housing mobility. Almost...

Using the Wrong Tools to Build Affordable Housing

Along with most Rooflines readers, I believe that having some portion of a community’s housing as long term or permanently affordable is a desirable...

The Ripple Effects of Having a Stable Home

“Homeownership increases a chance that a child will stay in school by up to 9 percent for low-income families,”...

Gonzo Realty

I hate when I’m late to arrive on a story, but here’s an excellent profile from The Los Angeles Times on Jim Klinge, the...

Reuters Rural Housing Article Draws Wrong Conclusions

“Special Report: A rural housing program city slickers just love,” published by Reuters on March 18, 2013, relies on some...
An aerial shot of St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey.

NJ Pays Hospitals to Build Affordable Housing

New Jersey’s Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency offers significant subsidies to encourage local hospitals to build housing for low-income residents and frequent users of hospital services.

Preserving Affordable Housing by Buying, Not Building

Two organizations are quietly furthering income integration in higher-income Chicago neighborhoods without new development.
young men playing horn instruments

Shelter Shorts—The Week in Community Development, April 13

Really, YIMBYs? | TOD Without Displacement | Tracking 80 Million Evictions | MLK's Campaign, Revitalized | Airbnb Hastening Demise of NOLA Culture? | Bike "Borrowing" for Equity | More

Threat to Low-Income Renters Will Get Worse, Unless Congress Acts

Budget Cuts Threaten Rental Assistance to Families Across the CountryCongress has set a deadline of Dec. 13 to negotiate...

NJ Tenant Organizing—Looking Back at the Film Techos y Derechos

A decades-old tenant organizing film—now in digital form for the first time—is still relevant today.

Fair Housing and Zoning: Toward a New Boston?

How Boston became the first city to add fair housing to its zoning regulations.

Is Las Vegas Coming Back?

I recently spent a few days in Las Vegas meeting with housing and real estate people of various stripes....

A ‘Public Option’ for Low-Income Homeownership?

What the USDA could teach us about better federal homeownership policy.

George Moses: Organizing by Necessity

Shelterforce interviews George Moses, chairman of the board of the National Low Income Housing Coalition

Is Housing the Homeless a Success?

Randy Shaw at Beyond Chron has a great take down of some newspaper columnists' inconsistent and illogical arguments against spending...

“No Pain,” But Lots of Spin

Columbia Deal Avoids Eminent Domain Pain trumpeted yesterday’s New York Post headline. After all the struggle over Columbia University’s plan for a new campus...

Residents of Nonprofit Housing Have Lower Rates of COVID

Affordable housing providers have touted the connections between health and the places where people live for years. In a small city outside of Boston, the evidence is incontrovertible.

Thoughts on the Trailer

The trailer is the vilified and estranged cousin of the housing world. It's all but banned in many communities, for...
Squatters occupy the Arion building in Seattle after it sat vacant for months. There are signs that read "Operation Homestead" and "It's Alive" outside the large white building.

History Shows that in Times of Crisis, Housing Activists Get Radical

A recent spate of vacant home occupations echo squatters campaigns of the past.