Housing matters. A stable, quality, affordable home is a foundation for so many other parts of life. How do we bring it in reach for everyone?

Report: Spending Half of Income on Housing

According to the new Housing Landscape 2012 report from the Center for Housing Policy, nearly one in four working...

Is Housing the Homeless a Success?

Randy Shaw at Beyond Chron has a great take down of some newspaper columnists' inconsistent and illogical arguments against spending...

HUD Announces NSP3

HUD has announced round three of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which allows for an additional $1 billion of funding to states and communities fighting...

Tenants Do Vote, Or at Least They Try

One of the canards about why homeownership is so wonderful is that it increases all sorts of beneficial behaviors, including...

Dear Mom, Here’s What Crashed the Economy (Part I)

My mom rocks. She’s the most big-hearted, intellectually curious, bright-eyed and good-looking mom in the world. Now, she and Pop came for a visit...
Michael Bodaken

Interview with Michael Bodaken, retiring director of the National Housing Trust

Shelterforce took the occasion of Michael Bodaken's retiring from the National Housing Trust to speak with him about how he got into housing, some of his favorite projects, and his recommendations for the field going forward.
Row of trailer homes with mountains in the background.

Duty to Serve: A Boon for Shared Equity Homeownership

Shared equity homeownership programs just had a big win.
NYC skyline painted on brick wall.

New York City Becomes a Hotbed of Community Land Trust Innovation

New York seems poised to move the concept of community land trusts in new and exciting directions.
A single-family home in San Jose, California.

The Dark Side of Single-Family Rental

After the foreclosure crisis, global equity firms snapped up thousands of single-family homes to rent out. This massive shift in the market has not been good for aspiring homeowners, tenants, or neighborhoods.

It’s Time for Home Opportunity

Dramatic developments this month have underscored our nation’s progress, as well as our continuing peril, when it comes to Home...

Homeowners Can’t Afford Another Missed Opportunity

This post is part of an ongoing series based on the National Fair Housing Alliance report, “The Banks Are Back,...
sign defining "gentrification"

Say It Loud: Renters’ Rights are Civil Rights!

Private developers and public agencies are finally investing in neighborhoods near transit and jobs—where many low-income communities of color have lived for generations—and as a result, are being pushed out just as resources in their neighborhoods are increasing.

Bring Back Rent Control?

Yesterday NY1 tried to set up New York City’s mayoral race as an affordable housing vs. education spat, based on the candidates’ negative soundbites...

Homeowners Empowered To Fight Eviction With This New Tool

The following is a story from Occupy Our Homes, a partner with Homes for All in fighting displacement. The campaign...

The Bipartisan Policy Center Endorses a Bi-Partisan Failure

There is a good argument for having a public company like the old Fannie Mae sustain...

Keeping Houses Occupied

Most of the problems foreclosed properties cause come because they tend to become vacant and stay vacant for a while. Often a homeowner flees...
Boston residents participants marched to a nearby national gathering of YIMBYs with a sign that reads "Displacement is the Crisis ... We Are The Answer."

What We Don’t Know About Development and Displacement

The data on the relationship between new development, affordability, and displacement is not nearly as clear-cut as advocates (of all persuasions) often imply.

Mission Above Method

Shelterforce is graciously allowing me to weigh in on a current topic of debate within the field of “shared equity homeownership” or “permanently affordable...

Put the “Choice” in “Housing Choice Vouchers”

In June, Alexander Polikoff, lead counsel in the decades-long Gautreaux Chicago Public Housing desegregation litigation, spoke to HUD staff on the FHEO Speaker Series. ...

You Wouldn’t Fit Here

Let’s define segregation as a social harm rather than an inconvenient byproduct of individual preferences. We need alternatives for viable communities.